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Sep 10, 2011 04:28 PM

S'Bay oldtimers: what happended to Jew and Gentile?

I moved away to LA in 1986, and when I moved back a few years later, my favorite sandwich shop on Shoreline in Mt. View was gone! Can anyone tell me what happened to it and that friendly Gentile weight-lifter guy? TIA.

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  1. From a Yelp review of a now closed deli, in 2006.

    Ferrari's is a decent Sandwich place (they make a lot of different kinds of grilled focaccia

    Random Fact: Before this place opened up, there was another deli at the same location called "The Jew and the Gentile". With a name like that I can't understand how they would have gone under.

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      Thanks, wolfe. Sounds like he's retired or gone now. I could always count on him for some laughs and a great turkey sandwich.