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Sep 10, 2011 04:06 PM

Paella Restaurant Suggestions in Barcelona

Anyone have recently tried suggestions for the best Paella in Barcelona? I'm going in next month, Oct. 15-26, 2011... Price info would be good also as I'm working on a budget.. Appreciate it.

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  1. I just came back from my trip and did some asking as well when we were in Barcelona. Suggestions really varied so I don't think there's a consensus pick. We ended up going to Elche which was recommended by a few sites the concierge at the hotel said it was pretty good as well. I'm not a paella expert by any stretch, but it was good enough that we went for a 2nd time on our last day there.

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      Mahalo syoung, I've found so many options, and heard that Barcelona is not known for its Paella anyway. I will definitely give Elche a visit.

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        I agree, there are so many restaurants in Barcelona that you can't really get much of a consensus as to which is best for anything. One strategy I used was to go with a name that's mentioned most on lists or most recommended. I'm sure you can find lots of info too, but here's a couple more that I used:

        I don't know if Barcelona is known of Paella but the food there in general is amazing and everywhere! We drove all over Spain (and into Portugal) but missed San Sebastián (about 6hr drive from Barcelona) which is suppose to be the mecca for food in Spain.

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        syoung, was the paella prepared soccarat- with a burnt bottom crust?