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Sep 10, 2011 03:26 PM

Reheating stuffed potatoes?

Hi all! Haven't been around in a while and am now gearing up for Halloween & planning my party menu. I'd like to offer a vegetarian dish or two and one idea I have is for a mini twice-baked potato. I'd like to prep them a day ahead & pipe the filling in also a day ahead then reheat for the party. Maybe use small pieces of roasted red pepper for "eyes."

Has anyone done this before? Would the potatoes get too dried out? If this wouldn't work, I'm open to other suggestions....I'm just hoping to get as much of my food prep done in advance that I can.

My other vegetarian dish I'm thinking of is stuffed mushrooms....erm, monster eyes!


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  1. Why not do the first baking and prep them ahead of time, cover them with cling wrap, and then do the second baking immediately prior to serving?

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    1. re: tzurriz

      Do you mean the 1st baking of the potatoes whole, then cool......and fill & bake the 2nd time just prior?

      I suppose that is an option also, since if they are the small potatoes they won't really take that long to bake....

      1. re: jenscats5

        No, do the 1st baking, then fill, then refrigerate them. Have them 100% ready to go into the oven for the second baking,and just bake them prior to serving.

        1. re: tzurriz

          That's exactly what I want to do...thanks!

    2. I was in Costco the other day and saw bags of mini sweet peppers, these were yellow, red and orange! I almost wish I could have thrown a party just for an excuse to serve these. I thing they would be delightful with a humus type filling totally veggie, or vegan even. Witchy fingers!

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      1. re: Quine

        I've seen them in BJ's too!! Didn't someone post a recipe here for pumpkin hummus?

        I'm also doing a veggie tray with spinach dip arranged in the "puking pumpkin" style and a shrimp dip shaped as a brain with bread/crackers....

        1. re: Quine

          We fill those with cream cheese spiked with cayenne pepper. Very tasty.

        2. Baked potatoes are notoriously tough to reheat, and will probably never be as good as they were to begin with. IMO, stuffed mushrooms (or peppers, or tomatoes) are a far better option.

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            Thanks for the info....appreciate it!