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Sep 10, 2011 02:05 PM

Seafood or vegetable pasta recipes please

I'm looking for a good recipe for pasta alla putanesca, (mostly just for the amounts of each ingredient- I've never made it at home.) Also need any recipes anyone has for any type of pasta, as long as there is not meat in it. Seafood and dairy are fine and vegetarian pasta recipes would be welcome. I recently became a pescatarian and am looking for new, creative dishes. Thanks!

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  1. Jamie Oliver has some wonderful options you can riff on, like this: Also clam pasta with lots of garlic, parsley, and a little anchovy to goose the flavor is a surefire winner.

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      Thx for the suggestion rcallner but the link doesn't work. I could google if you give me an idea what to type in : Jamie Oliver pasta recipes? Would that work?

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        Oh, sorry, yes, try googling this: "jamie oliver seafood pasta saffron" and it'll get you to that recipe and also a bunch more. His stuff is really very good and when you read (cook) a few, you'll get a really good handle on his style and you can riff on it. Also Deborah Madison's pretty brilliant.

    2. How about sweating some leeks until they're really cooked through (I do it with the lid on), in butter and olive oil, with S&P, then reduce some cream in that by half, maybe a pint down to a cup, then add a pound of crabmeat, cooking just until it's heated through. You can reduce some wine in a sauce like this, too.

      You need to time your pasta water so the pasta is cooked just shortly after the crabmeat heats through.

      You can also cook a little old bay seasoning in the sauce, or add tomatoes if you want.

      Then there's shrimp cooked in garlic, olive oil, and white wine, S&P and parsley, and tossed with pasta.

      Just think of it as cooking two dishes that need to be timed so that the pasta is cooked just after the sauce is done. Anything will be good with seafood. They're my two favorite foods.

      Save some of the pasta water in case your sauces are too dry.

      After you clean your shrimp, you can make stock to use as one of the liquids in your sauce. Save the shells up and make it after you've got a pound of them or so.

      After you've done this a few times, you'll figure out amounts intuitively.

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        baba ganouj makes a great pasta sauce.

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          Thanks for the suggestions Jay. I love crab but for some reason only think of eating it out of the shell. I'd probably use half and half for a lighter version I think this would be good in ravioli or stuffed shells too. Will have to pick up some crab soon! I used to make Scampi all the time but I haven't made it in ages. Funny, how you forget those old standbys sometimes.

        2. I also make one with smoked salmon, blanched snow peas, sauteed red peppers, and dill. You can use a vinaigrette or a cream sauce. When I serve the vinaigrette version cold/room temp, I don't cook the red peppers.

          1. There's also a simple sauce you can make from diced sauteed onions, carrots, and celery, then tomatoes. You can add cream to this at the end. You can also reduce wine in the onions, carrots, and celery before adding the tomatoes.

            1. For puttanesca, I don't really think the amounts matter much -it's however much of each thing you like. For two, I use one onion softened and added to one tin of tomatoes, a tin and a half of tuna, about tablespoon of capers, a small tin of anchovies (drained and snipped) and a handful of black olives. I make no claim for its authenticity but it's very tasty!

              Also good is to poach very gently some cubes of salmon in fish stock until just done, and then stir in some Boursin or other garlic/herb soft cheese until it melts. Use to top pasta. You can also add some prawns.