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Sep 10, 2011 01:16 PM

Best traditional tamales

I'm going to be in NM, specifically Albuquerque, Santa Fe & Taos in mid October for my annual visit. I grew up in Old Town during the 60's & 70's but have lived with my gringo spouse in Boston for over 30 years. I have developed a hankering for some really good traditional style -- lean pork, red chili in masa steamed in corn husks -- tamales. Where do I find the best in or near any of the above locations? I like some heat in my chili-- but I can't take the "nuclear" stuff any more. I guess I'm best described as a "medium-hot lover. Great sides are a plus! Thanks in advance for your suggestions --

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  1. The first place that comes to mind is El Modelo in Albuquerque. It's not really a restaurant--more of a take out place, and the neighborhood is industrial and impossible to get to without a car (or bike or rail car) but the tamales are famous, plump and good.