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Sep 10, 2011 01:05 PM

Aix en Provence or near by towns? Ideas.

Going to be in Aix from Oct 10 for 7 days (and then off to San Sebastian, SPA) Any ideas on good places to eat in Aix or near by towns by train? (besides the fantastic markets). Thanks in advance.
Happy eats.

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  1. My first suggestion is that if there is anyway for you to afford it rent a car. Aix is very close to many wonderful places near the sea and Luberon but you won't be able to get there by train. You will waste a lot of time waiting for bus. It will be a shame and a waste of a trip to the area if you don't have a car.

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      I agree with Pammel. The train is not convenient for visiting the area around Aix. It is not frequent and the rail line does not reach the hilltop villages, which are the best thing about that area of Provence.
      There is a bus line connecting Aix with Les Baux de Provence, St Rémy and Arles. Once in Aix, you can go to the Office du tourisme and ask for the up-to-date bus schedule. The bus is not frequent and I hear it is not reliable.

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        thanks for your response and info on the bus. may need a car:) cheers

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        thanks for the response. car sounds like the idea.

      3. Within an hr north and south of Aix has much to be seen and eaten. We had a wonderful time in Luberon last Spring. Here's the link to the report:


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          Thanks for the great link. Fantastic information. I appreciate it. Looking forward to our trip.

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            Here's another great thread that contains information in the region of interest.; OP's itinerary involves Aix as well as many easily reachable places.
            Best wishes...