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Looking for NJ wedding halls

Hey guys, i am planning on getting married around Sept/Oct/Nov of 2012 and just started looking for a wedding hall. We are expecting around 150 guests and would like it on a Saturday. Good food is very important as well as a nice space with room to dance and have fun. We live in the northern/central jersey, and looking at places within a hour of the holland tunnel. (in the vicinity of, but definitely not limited to, edison, warren, morristown, belleville, jersey city, etc.) A few of the places we looked at are very expensive and it just feels crazy to be spending that much on a single day. Anyone have any recomendations on a reasonably priced place?

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  1. I really have no idea what kind of prices they are charging lately, but a very close friend held her wedding at the Berkeley Plaza, in Berkeley Heights a few years back and I was very impressed. The food was amazing, and the space was beautiful. If I remember correctly, they got a great deal because they held their wedding on Halloween. (it was an awesome wedding - no costumes as it was a fairly formal affair, and they had these spectacular carved jack o'lanterns as the center pieces, among other things , very fun.)

    1. I have heard that the Martinsville Inn is very affordable.

      1. Each about 25 minutes or so from the Holland and good in their own way. Might be worth looking into.

        Verona http://richfieldregency.com/

        Cedar Grove http://thegrovenj.com/

        West Orange http://www.mayfairfarms.com/

        Paterson http://www.thebrownstone.com/

        Mountain Lakes http://www.frungillo.com/frungillo_ne...

        1. I have no idea as to cost, but recently attended a party at Cedar Hill Country Club in Livingston of similar 150 person size. Very nice space and the food was good.

          1. Perona Farms in Andover, Sussex County. A little further out, but the food is great and the scenery is fantastic, especially in the fall. We got married there October 11, 2008. Totally worth a visit!

            Perona Farms
            350 Andover Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

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              We were at a wedding this past weekend at The Beacon Hill Country Club in Atlantic Highlands.

              Food was tremendous and the setting was beautiful with views of Manhattan and the Verazono Bridge. There were 175 people and the dance floor was packed all night long.

              I have no idea of the cost but there were about 75 of the bride and groom's friends from manhattan & Brooklynn that all took a 45 minute ferry ride to 2 miles away from the wedding.

              They had a luxury van that brought peopl from the ferry and back so none of the younger revelers were not driving.

            2. It's not on your list of areas but it shopping for a location for our son's wedding reception Perona Farms (sussex co?) was hard to beat price wise not to mention some of the best smoked on the planet

              Perona Farms
              350 Andover Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

              1. Tulipano in Cedar Grove is always very good.

                Tulipano Restaurant
                1131 State Highway 23 N, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

                1. The Grand Summit Hotel did a great job for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah a few years back. The food was great and not crazy expensive

                  1. Well, The Manor has been a favorite wedding/event spot for my family for decades. It's lovely, but I can't comment how it compares to most of the other places listed here price-wise or otherwise. But if you haven't considered it yet, I recommend you do so. Like the Mayfair, it's in West Orange.


                    1. Nanina's In The Park... a magnificent New Jersey landmark, nestled in a historical park setting. Nanina's presents more than 50 years of catering tradition with a spectacular multimillion-dollar renovation. Our lavishly manicured grounds provide the perfect scenery for your outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. Nanina's famous cherry blossom gardens and Tuscan-villa architecture create a picture perfect setting you must see to believe. All of this, together with our exceptional cuisine and impeccable service, make Nanina's In The Park a Landmark Reborn. Nanina's In The Park is located on the cusp of New Jersey's Branch Brook Park, noted for its exquisite cherry blossom trees that flower each spring.
                      The Perfect Venue for New Jersey Weddings,


                      1. I went to a great wedding at The Grand Summit Hotel. Can't tell much about the prices, though.

                        1. We hosted a wedding at The Park Savoy in Florham Park. The food was as good as a fine upscale restaurant. The service...inpeccable. The edifice is an old mansion and the back lawn area is beautiful

                          1. We had our wedding at The Valhalla Club in Montville. It is an upscale private club. Really nice Tudor style building that is on a lake. Our day was late October and the trees were amazing. As a foodie, I was very impressed with the food and the service. Like most places, they are limited to what they can offer, but they were very accommodating and understood how important it was to us that it represent part of what we as a couple are all about. It's also super easy to get to. About 2 minutes off of Rt. 287, and about 5 minutes north of the 80/287 interchange. We really could not recommend it more. Simply because it felt personal and not like we were at a wedding "factory". Good luck and congratulations!

                            Here is their website: https://www.lakevalhallaclub.com/defa...

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                              Someone mentioned the Richfield Regency and I would warn you to stay away. It is very affordable but they were a nightmare to deal with (I was a bridesmaid in a wedding there).

                              Some nice but more moderate priced places that are within an hour to the Holland Tunnel are:
                              The Graycliff in Moonachie
                              IL Tullipano in Cedar Grove
                              The Brownstone in Paterson
                              Macalusos in Hawthorne
                              Il Villagio in Carlstadt
                              and I am not sure what the rate is for the Liberty House in Jersey City but I went to a beautiful wedding there.

                              Liberty House Restaurant
                              76 Audrey Zapp Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07304