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Looking for good pizza places in Tampa, Florida!

I am from Illinois, and I am looking for a place that is like Monicals pizza. They have a cornmeal, thin, crunchy crust. I've been craving it, and I don't know where to go to get something like this! Oh, and they put tons of good cheese on top!!!

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  1. Cappy's on Bay to Bay. It's not even close really. Some of the best pizza anywhere, let alone for a relatively small town like Tampa. It's so amazing.

    1. Waukeegan Pizza on Dale Mabry near Carrollwood is what many Chicagoans swear by (if it is still open). I like Pane Rustica in South Tampa. There is a GREAT NY PIzza place downtown, on Franklin Street I beleive)... Sam & Eddie's (or similar name).

      1. This has been covered so many damn times... sigh...

        In South Tampa - Cappy's (for Chicago style), or Pane Rustica (creative flatbread), or Paci's (Brooklyn style), or Doormet (just all-around great pizza). If you're willing to drive to BFE, Wood Fired Pizza up near USF is unbeatable.

        1155 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629

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          Dr. Todd's post says all that needs to be said on the matter.
          However, on a loosely related note, another pizza place - albeit an upstart chain, I guess - just opened up directly in between Paci's and Cesare's. It's called Your Pie. I know nothing about it otherwise except that their website says it's brick oven pizza. Didn't know we were turning into NYC with 5 slice joints on every block...

        2. Cappy's (Bay-to-Bay in S. Tampa, or Seminole Heights) for NY style pizza--the best, hands down. Pizza eaten with a spoon is an abomination to me, but if Chicago style is your thing, I've heard theirs is great, too.

          Pane Rustica's flatbread is awesome, even though it doesn't quite scratch that pizza itch for me. But it does mean I can have Cappy's one day and Pane's the next!

          1. Checking out Monicals website, i think what you want is Ledo Pizza, which is on N.Dale Mabry in Carollwood. Next to Tampa Pitcher Show. Excellent pizza, square cut thin crust, first rate toppings, and they use 1lb of provolone per large pie. An institution in Maryland, they franchised about 10yrs ago. As for NY style, i rate Pinocchio's on US19 in Palm Harbor above Cappy's, which was a disappointment for me, and ive tried their NY&Chi pies. I never really understood the love affair with Cappys and should have known when i saw they served both styles. And Pinocchio's also has a wonderful real italian menu in addition to pizza.

            1. If you are willing to cross the bay, Cafe Milano has great Italian style pizza (as in from Italy, not from NY or Chicago). Wood oven, thin crust that's a little crisp, great toppings. The only downside would be if you wanted to design your own pizza - he frowns on deviating from the menu.

              Cafe Milano
              105 N Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755

              1. THE EXACT pizza you're talking about is Pauls Chicago Pizza on McMullen Booth Rd in Clearwater. Cornmeal crust thin crispy plus good beefs and dogs. They have a website if you google it you'll get alot of info

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                  I agree about Pauls Chicago Pizza. I just recently ate there 2 times this past month. First time we ordered a pizza, garlic knots and Italian Beef Sandwich for 3 of us to spit and all were fantastic. The pizza was thin and crisp with just the right amount of sauce and cheese. That day it was extremely busy for lunch and the buffet was going like crazy. On my second visit, my son and I decided to try the buffet, which I normally won't do buffets, and was very disappointed in the pizza this time. It was after 1 pm and not busy at this time, the pizza wasn't crisp, probably from sitting under the heat lamps. So would highly recommend this place, but would suggest ordering it for a whole pizza and not buying the buffet, especially if it isn't busy.

                2. Alfonso's Pizza is great NY style pizza. It's in a strip mall on the corner of Bearss and Florida. Next to Big Lots. It's like a typical, NYC pizza joint. My favorite.