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Sep 10, 2011 09:54 AM

puff pastry ideas

I have 2 boxes of puff pastry I need to use up because I'm moving. Other than palmiers anyone got any ideas?

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  1. I've only recently discovered that sheets of puff pastry make the quickest, easiest, most impressive tarts (and the 'cheatiest'!) Just unroll it, score a line about half an inch from the edge all round and cover the middle with whatever you like - caramelised onions and anchovies? mozzarella,tomatoes and basil? Roasted peppers and feta?Then bake. The outside will puff up and the middle will be scrummy.
    Otherwise, you could unroll it, sprinkle with a lot of tasty cheese, fold in half, roll flat,repeat, then cut out shapes. Brush with milk/egg, top with sesame seeds or black pepper or herbs etc and bake briefly. SO moreish nibbles...

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      Second the tart idea - I LOVE doing that for company because it's so easy and they're too easily impressed by it.
      I love caramelized onion, tallegio cheese and pre-roasted asparagus, fig jam with tallegio, pears and toasted walnuts (the tallegio just melts so well!), and you could do goat cheese, honey, and apples, too.

      It's such a good use of the puffed pastry.

      1. re: Jeserf

        Cheese or savoury straws. Roll out and lightly top the pastry with whatever takes your fancy - finely chopped sundried tomatoes, herbs, lots of black pepper, garlic, vegemite etc and then sprinkle with a grated strong cheese like cheddar or parmesan. Don't overload it though - it's not a pizza. Lightly press the flavourings into the pastry and cut into thin strips. make them as long or as short as you want. Leave them as is or you can twist each strip loosely.
        You can also make sweet ones with sugar and cinnamon or drinking chocolate or use your imagination. Great for snacking or savoury ones with soups and stews and sweet ones with ice cream or custard or dipping in melted chocolate or fruit sauce.

        Fruit tarts too, using the same method as flashria describes - sliced banana placed on the pastry then brushed with a glaze of melted jam (apricot is nice) or marmalade and then baked. Or tinned cherries. Especially cherries where you have drained off all the juice and replaced it with bourbon and kept in the fridge for weeks or months to let them get really boozy.

    2. ive used them to make an individual version of beef wellington..

      i use a thick filet mignon slice...then make the mushroom mixture..cover the filet ..then use the puff pastry on top...and brown it under the broiler...

      1. Fruit turnovers, Tops for Chicken,Turkey or other savory pie, Non-traditional empanada dough, Mille-feuille or Sausage rolls.

        1. what's wrong with the palmiers? I like making savory ones - olive tapanade or sundried tomato pesto with good cheese and toasted pine nuts, rolled up - it's REALLY good.

          Now I'm hungrier.