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Sep 10, 2011 09:52 AM

Chocolate Mousse with sour cream??

My local grocery has been selling mousses of various flavors that contain both cream and sour cream. They are delicious, especially the chocolate. i read the ingredients but it's the process I don't know how to replicate... I know true chocolate mousse doesn't have sour cream, but I figured this might be some shortcut recipe I'd find all over the internet. Nope! It's nowhere to be found, and I just find it so delicious I'd like to make it at home and play with the flavors.
Does anyone know how to make something like this?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Thanks, this was the only recipe I could find too, but the ingredients were off-putting. Not the gelatin but the cream cheese...

      But I didn't know I could sub sour cream for cream... Will this work in other applications? I wonder...

    2. Try this one but w/ sour cream instead of creme fraiche:

      I think you can take any chocolate mousse recipe, ones w/ whipped egg whites, too, mix the sour cream w/ melted chocolate and proceed.

      1. a couple of ideas... and you can do all chocolate, dark instead of milk if you prefer.


        300 g dark (or semi-sweet) chocolate
        50 grams icing sugar
        375 g sour cream
        2 cups heavy whipping cream
        (you can also cut back on the sour cream by half and add an equivalent volume of cream


        melt choc. cool slightly. mix sour cream with sugar. fold in chocolate. beat cream til stiff. fold in and chill.