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Sep 10, 2011 05:58 AM

Emeril Lagasse: Next Great Hollywood Film Writer - Director - Star

Chef Lagassse has written, directed and is starring in a movie to be released next year called A House Divided. Billed as a "romantic dramady" it's already rated R for "crude language, graphic sex and violence". How much fun is this going to be....

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  1. If he had any hand in writing/directing/starring that (thankfully) shortlived sitcom he was on (oh wait - he did), I would probably only watch this movie if it came with a meal at El Bulli.

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    1. re: inaplasticcup

      It's unlikely he was more than a meat puppet for that show. Even though he got a Co-EP credit, that was probably done as an excuse to pay him more and for his ego. Given the reputations of the Thomasons, who were the show-runners, it's probable he didn't have much to say about the creative direction of that train wreck. He certainly didn't write or direct any of the episodes, according to imdb.

      1. re: acgold7

        Meat puppet. THat's a new one on me. Now I'm gonna have to find all kinds of ways to use *meat puppet*.

        And as to the rest, well, then, at least we're left with his stellar acting chops. Kekeke... :P

    2. The funny thing is art (or talent) gets mistaken with Money a lot of times. Think how many "Starlets" Have Albums. Not because they were discovered as great singers and signed to a record deal, but because they bank rolled it.
      I mean Scarlett Johansen (SP) is a horrible singer and a good actress but keeps releasing songs. I mean the house wives of what ever the F*&^ city have albums out.

      I have never been blown away by Emeril's food. I now have to go watch the TV show he was in mentioned just for kicks.

      I know a lot of Writers and Directors and It's something that takes years and a lot of pain to perfect or even get good at. Someone waltzing into it with a bank roll is pretty much going to fail......unless its so bad its good.

      Funny thing if he wrote a movie about life in the kitchen or being a celeb chef it would be something I might actually check out.

      1. It mentions in the lead-up to the press release that it's just a hoax. Pretty funny, and they had me for a while!

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        1. re: bear

          If it is a hoax that's pretty funny. I was Like WTF this came out of left field. Then I broke out my whole talent rant ....ooops:)

          1. re: chris2269

            I think they had us all for a while! It's actually kind of a relief that it's a would probably be pretty painful to watch! I've only seen a couple of snippets but all I could think was that Emeril should stick with his day (or night) job.

        2. Initially I thought, "what a really silly way to get some publicity" but then any publicity is supposed to be good publicity...yes? Are his ratings going down or something? I don't watch his show anymore, too repetitive for my liking.

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          1. re: Gio

            The show on Ion? Is that still on? I thought all his cooking shows were over.

            1. re: coney with everything

              He's getting a new show on Hallmark Channel now that Martha owns him. I think it starts in October around the release of his new cookbook.