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Sep 10, 2011 05:04 AM


Any good tips for Dubai please? Particularly Lebanese/ Chinese or International as not in to Indian food sadly.



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  1. I'd recommend getting the recent copy of Time Out, either the weekly magazine or the yearly Restaurant Guide they publish. There are literally thousands of lebanese/middle-east/international type restaurants. As for chinese, there are some options - but in a city with no addresses and horrible landmarks, it's best to use Time Out and call ahead for directions.

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        Just keep in mind that few Chinese restaurants sell pork dishes. Only restaurants associated with hotels have a pork license. Chinese really isn't one of Dubai's strengths in the first place and I've been disappointed more times than not. Oddly enough, there's several excellent Thai options.

        For Lebanese we prefer Karam Beirut at the Mall of Emirates (and there's another Karam Beirut at the Dubai Mall as well).