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Sep 10, 2011 01:50 AM

Shepards Pie

Do they have a website or is there an online menu? Can't find either.

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  1. Found their Facebook page via Google. Did not see an actual menu.

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    1. re: HDinCentralME

      I found that too. Not a very helpful site. :/

      1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

        Thank you!!
        Hope to eat there while I'm here in Cushing on vacation.

      2. Stopped by to meet friends and have a drink. Didn't eat so can't really comment on the food although it looked very good and the place has a cool vibe. What I can say is that the view from the restroom is by far the nicest view from a restroom that I have ever had in 50+ years on this planet. I'm not sure if that's reason enough to eat there but if you do, you must use the restroom. The view is to die for.

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          I agree about the restroom, someone who worked there joked that it was "the best seat in the house."

          I like the vibe of the place, excellent service (we sat at the bar). Loved the open kitchen concept. I'll say the place really tries hard to please.

          The food, well, they use quality ingredients and the menu is quite innovative for the area, but I wasn't wowed by it. We tried the cauliflower side with feta, olives, tomatoes, etc. Also had the pork belly sandwich and spicy chorizo plate served over chickpeas. The pork belly was generous in portion, but the pork was a bit tough. I saw they grilled the pork, so I don't know if any braising was involved, but there you have it. The chorizo was local and spicy and quite tasty. The bed of chickpeas were fairly bland, but a few dollops of marinated onion and a spicy red sauce sort of overwhelmed the dish, so I thought the balance was off. I may go back to try the "famous" fish tacos.

          I don't know much about the place other than it was recommended by a friend, but my impression is that the chef is still a bit green and may overcompensate with too much flavor. He should have more confidence in his ingredients and simplify things a bit.

          Overall, the area is lucky to have this place and I wish them all the best.

          1. re: bewley

            The chef/owner is also the chef/owner of Francine Bistro in Camden - Brian Hill...sounds like you didn't know. He's pretty far from "green".

            1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

              Yeah, I know who owns the place, but who's the acting chef? Is he cooking at both places?

              Actually, I just looked at his pic and bio off the website and I do think he WAS the cook on the line in the center. And yes, he has quite a pedigree. I used to frequent Susan Spicer's Bayona in it's early years as I lived a few blocks away. It was my favorite place in the French Quarter, so I appreciate his experience. Nevertheless, I can tell you I'm truly confused at the lack of control in the flavors. There's honestly too much going on with those plates. I was really hoping there was a better "excuse" for what I ate.

              1. re: bewley

                He does, though it depends on the night. Either way, I doubt whoever cooks there deviates from Brian's vision for every dish. I'm not saying you're wrong in what you're saying (too much flavor), but it's more likely the dish is at fault instead of the chef. If they're deviating from Brian's recipe...I think he'll need to find some new staff who can follow directions....

                BTW, even on nights I've seen him there...he was only overseeing the kitchen, not cooking himself...

                1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                  I value your opinion and knowledge of the area.

                  Let's assume he wasn't there. Even so, the chorizo dish came with a robust pickled onion on the chickpeas, spicy sliced sausage and topped with a zippy red pepper mustard, plus some greens (arugula?). All great ingredients, but you put that together and wow. Also the cauliflower, you could have taken that dish, poured it over an ample portion of orzo and it still would have been packed with flavor. As it was, the ingredients overwhelmed the cauliflower.

                  I don't know, compared to Fore Street, and, well there's no comparison. Fore Street uses simple ingredients and cooks them so they're tasty and flavorful, but not an assault on the taste buds.

                  So in this case, I blame the chef who's responsible for the recipes. And the pork belly, either braise it or marinate it longer before grilling, because it shouldn't be that tough. These are all just nitpicky little things, but the chef could take a very good place and make it great.

                  Fore Street
                  288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

                  1. re: bewley

                    Truth be told, I do find some of Brian's dishes to be exactly as you desribed..."too much going on". Though more often I've found that to be the case at Francine than Shepherd's Pie. That being said, he also comes out with some stuff that will blow your socks off. He's a talented, James Beard nominated (semifinalist) chef for good reason, and like most chefs in that league he experiments with all kinds of flavors/concepts...but sometimes it falls flat.

                    His pork belly sandwich is one of my guilty pleasures (I've had it maybe 5 times), and I'm disappointed you didn't get one of the typical examples. With so much fat on that belly, you'd think it would be almost impossible to dry it out. Severely overcooked is my guess...