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Sep 9, 2011 09:27 PM

Tabrizi's restaurant in Baltimore- yay or nay?

I've seen mixed reviews of the food and service here. Do you think it's a good place for groups (about 20 people)? how is the ambience?


500 Harborview Drive, Baltimore, MD 21230

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  1. I can't remember anything about the ambiance, but I remember liking the food very much.

    1. Been a few times, food has always be very good, never a problem with service. Nice view of the marina. Can't comment on how they would handle a large group, though.

      1. Food, service and view - Fantastic!

        1. Yay indeed. It’s a remarkable place like no other in Baltimore. It's on the water and yet you don't have the tourist traffic, it’s like a hidden gem. Food and service are very good. Closed many Saturdays in the year due to many weddings (good for them, no wonder why!) but their hours are listed on their website with blackout dates which I find very nice. Our favorite all year around.