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Turkish Zucchini Fritters w/ Feta and Dill ?

opinionatedchef Sep 9, 2011 08:30 PM

I was soooo frustrated tonight . I had embarked on what i thought would be a straightforward recipe for zucchini fritters ( a bon appetit recipe found on the web, with 'green goddess sauce'.) Batter was made w/ beer and flour, no eggs, no herbs; result was pasty tasting and awful. So then i spent forEVer web searching and finally had some luck by googling 'Turkish zucchini fritters' which is what i had in mind in the first place. In this new batch, i added a lot of dill and parsley to the batter, and parm as well as feta(also did a chevre version). After what seemed like an eternity , they were ultimately v.good but not great, after considerable tweaking. Anyone have a fav recipe that includes these ingredients which i have mentioned- for a very full flavored fritter? I'd even be happy if they had wheat germ or some grain in them- for texture. I am looking fror the predominant flavors to be: zucchini, feta, dill, onion.and I would prefer them to be more zucchini than batter, and more oily than cakey.

Thanks so much for your help.

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    jjjrfoodie Sep 9, 2011 08:39 PM


    Bon Appetit' did a version way back in 1994 or 1996 for Turkish style Zucchini pancakes that I still use to this day.

    It does include egg, flour, dill, tarragon, fresh green onions,feta and other spices. Make sure you squeeze the water out of the grated zucchini really really well. Srsy. Really well.

    I serve them, after frying in olive oil in batches and holding in the oven, with mango chutney and sour cream on the side as condiments. Greek yoghert will work as well.

    Biggest PITA is grating the batches of zucchini in the food processor on the grating disc and then squeezing out the water.
    It's totally easy and great as an appetizer, side and reheats in the toaster oven or broiler really well the next day. Rave reviews every time , especially by the veggie heads.

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