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Sep 9, 2011 05:07 PM

Restaurants South of Florence

Hello all,

headed to Italy next week and would love some recommendations. We'll be in Lerici and on Lake Como but I'll start separate topics for those. We're getting a house for a week just south of Florence. I have plenty of places to go in Florence proper, but was looking for some gems south of the city. We're near Chiesanuova, Galluzzo, Montebuoni etc. We'll actually have a car this time which will be a change as last time we were in the area we took buses.

Also love to hear about any specialty food markets in the area you might be familiar with. For example, I am crazy about porcini so any restaurants or shops specializing in those would be great. I'm not sure what I exactly mean by that, but maybe a butcher that specializes in pigs that only eat chestnuts and porcini or something. It should be the season now so am really looking forward to that.


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  1. There are no "gems" of restaurants where you are going to be. There are many decent trattorie. Some of these have been mentioned in past posts.

    I see a few stands selling a few porcini now, but (very) few and far between. Most of those porcini are probably brought in from eastern Europe. It has been extremely dry here. The season really begins in a few weeks (if there is any rain).