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Sep 9, 2011 05:03 PM

Heading to KW tomorrow - St. Jacobs or K/W Market?

If hubby does not have to work, we're heading out. Wondering which market for veggie selection and prices. Been to both a few years back. Looking for advice from recent visitors.

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  1. I'd say St-Jacobs just because you can find parking there...

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      Did make it there this pm for a couple of hours. Went to the plaza where David's Gourmet, etc group of stores was. Nothing totally out of the ordinary; some items I can get in other places formuch cheaper (ie: Berkshire pork). Also went to Costco for some AAA beef and some mussels. Having people over tomorrow and last time I made 4 packages of them and they were gobbled up. Great product and great price. Not too much cleaning involved. Decided by afternoon to not b other with either of the markets and went to the newer Sobey's (can't remember location, but near a traffic circle); from the outside it is stylized like a Whole Foods. I picked up some other fish and different peppers there, along with some good quality pasta. Still am determined to make it to the market by fall.

      David's Gourmet
      173 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G1A7, CA

    2. I don't find much at St. Jacobs any longer that's not on offer at any other S. Ontario "farmers" market. It's become a bus tour destination. The inside stuff is a bit sad--again, products that don't require a drive if you live in the GTA/Golden Horseshoe area. Food aside, there's just too much of a third-rate flea market vibe to the place.

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        When I was in Waterloo, it was the closest farmer's market from my home, but I agree with your assessment. If you're not from KW, it's not worth the drive, you'll find the same products (or better) at your local farmer's market. In fact, our favorite stands were from shops (bakeries and cheese shops in particular) from around the GTA.

        For really local produce, there was in the summer only a small market/farm I think in St-Agatha (west of Waterloo, on the way to Baden where my wife worked) where you could pick strawberries and other veggies. I've never bought better garlic, but it's just a matter of buying local.

        Finally, I had forgotten about David's Gourmet, I went there a couple of times but it opened only a couple of months before I left, and it was a hectic time for me so fancy food was not my priority. The products weren't bad, but prices weren't cheap..

        David's Gourmet
        36 Northfield Dr E, Waterloo, ON N2L6A1, CA