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Sep 9, 2011 04:23 PM

Mexico City market tour- any new suggestions

I'm currently living in Mexico City until the end of the year and want to tour Mercado de Merced with an expert (english speaking) tour guide. I found the posts from 4 years ago but was hoping someone could offer me more current information. I emailed Mexico Soul and Essence but never heard back and they were the only lead I had. I'm living in the Santa Fe area and patronize my small local street market on Saturdays but want to experience the Big Daddy of all markets in el centro. BTW, I'm trying JASO tonight after reading the outstanding reviews on chowhound. Thanks!

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  1. Email me: I live in Condesa and can give you a tour of la Merced.


    1. Dear karma2u, apologies from mexico Soul and Essence - but your e-mail was never received ....
      for all info contact
      and for a "mercado" preview check out

      and the Splendid Tables Mexico City episode

      All best, Ruth in Condechi

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        for the mother of all markets you have to go to LA CENTRAL DE ABASTOS, biggest market in america i think
        and best market to buy is el mercado de san juan, amazing (is where i buy for my house)

      2. i believe the best market experience would be Central de Abastos!!! is the largest market in Mexico city very colorful and you will be able to find everything you can imagine. I believe the chef at Jaso takes people with him while he goes shopping. Ask him for a tour!! he brings people with him while he does his shopping.

        88 Newton, Mexico City 11570, MX

        1. "La Lagunilla" is the big, sprawling Flea Market on Sundays.

          Years ago I had MENUDO at a famous food stand in MERCADO MERCED that only had one item on the menu...I've forgotten the name of it but they have T-shirts and coffee cups with their logo on them and apparently are quite well known. The menudo is served in small, medium, or large folkloric black I was somewhat new to menudo, I ordered the small size.
          It was fantastic, and my happy smile must have convey'd that to the chef, who proceeded to
          ladle out several additional servings to me [on the house] with limes, onions, and tortillas!
          This place is not to be missed!!! Take it from one who knows,