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Sep 9, 2011 04:20 PM

B&G Oysters - Are you kidding me!?

Caveat: Their oysters might be really good, this review is about their lobster roll.

Some days back I went to B&G Oysters to try out their lobster roll which I ordered together with a salad. 10 minutes and $50 (!) later I am quite sure that this meal could be the worst value for money I ever had.

Let's start with the salad, which cost around $15 and was - not a joke here - roughly 5 or 6 slices of almost tasteless tomato sprinkled with almost tasteless olive oil and topped with a homeopathic amount of basil. I'm guessing this dish literally took less than half a minute to make and its ingredients were almost surely worth less than $0.50.

Now the cold lobster roll was kinda OKish, but tasted more like dressing than lobster, and came with a large amount of lukewarm fries, ketchup, pickles and salad. Don't get me wrong, that lobster roll was not bad, but definitely not good enough for $27. Infact, just for comparison $27 buys me a whole lobster dinner at a place like Yankee lobster which even tough far from perfect definitely tastes better. Add a little drive and $27 buys me 2 small lobsters at Roy Moore's in Rockport which are a whole magnitude more tasty.

Again, if that lobster roll was supreme I would happily pay even more than $27, but for the kind of SUBPAR quality you get, and also the kinda snotty attitude of the waiters paying $50 for a light salad and a below par lobster roll is just stupid and I surely won't do it again.

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  1. LOL I haven't been back for years ever since my first visit and the wine pour left me with three solid swallows to hourd with my meal. It was such a small pour with such a large tarriff, that I actually counted my sips. Although I am a fan of some of Babs from Southies stuff, she does have a little bit of the I'm from the projects and ganna rip you off thang going on.

    1. hate to harp on a familiar trope, but you could go over to neptune oyster in the north end and spend 100usd per person without even trying and endure their attitude at the same time.
      in fact it has come to my attention that with the recommendations on this board for neptune, b&g oyster,and i.c.o.b. that people have a hell of a lot more money than i do for food that is cheaper and better at home.
      a freind was talking about a roasted lobster dish at i.c.o.b. at work the other day that sounded great, when he told me it was 55 dollars, i actually fell out of my chair.
      far be it for me to tell people how to spend their money, and, thank god, i can take or leave fish in general, but it seems to me that the mark-up on seafood in this town rivals wine.

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      1. re: hyde

        amen Hyde, I had $30 one day to spend on lunch walked over to Neptune thinking I could get a nice treat for lunch insted of just spending $5 on lunch, and splurge.....$11 for a (rather thin) bown of chowder, and then a few raw oysters, and I was out of loot :( ....ah well, the good life ain't for to Umberto's for a real deal!

        1. re: devilham

          i have not been in a while but it seems to me the last time i went to peach farm in chinatown friends ordered cantonese lobster and a whole steamed fish with ginger and scallion (blackfish, maybe?) and white rice, the whole thing cost around 50usd and fed four of us until stuffed. in a prep that you could not duplicate at home. i just dont get why a simple order of fried clams has to cost 30+ dollars,.

          but like i said, its no big deal to me, i say leave them all in the ocean. its fairly clear to me at 54 that we have fished out the ocean and are leaving none for our kids. remember my mom getting FREE cod with purchase of other seafood. so common they would GIVE it away. that was only 40 years ago, not long in cold eye of history.

          1. re: devilham

            i agree with you on N.O. being overly pricey. definitely, and i am not a fan of that chowder. but for $16, i think, that Vitello tonnato sandwich is a killer. just a suggestion for if you ever decide to try it again.

            1. re: devilham

              Traditionally, chowder is a thin soup, and I think they capture that successfully. Neptune serves one of my three favorites chowders.

          2. Man that picture looks amazing! I've always been a big fan of B&G, but no one could ever argue that it's a bargain!

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            1. re: Blumie

              As i said in the original post, I cannot judge the Oysters, but the salad was simply BAD and the lobster roll OK, but massively overpriced.

              Let me add that I really don't care too much about prices, and *if* their lobster roll was awesome I would not mind to pay even more, but it was not awesome, so charging almost $30 for it feels simply wrong.

              B & G Oysters
              550 Tremont street, Boston, MA 02118

              1. re: Scharn

                doesnt look very amazing to me. so they put a little green garnish on top of the overpriced roll. now this is a roll...
                $18 last time i checked.

                1. re: Scharn

                  It shrunk too I think...we haven't gone there for years but went again when some out-of-town visitors came over and it looked smaller than I remember...
                  Yep, definitely overpriced...the Neptune one is slightly more interesting because of the brioche roll, but other entrees I've had there were just ehhh....

                  However, I will say that we do love ICOB...razor clams and the lobster roe pasta dish (though there wasn't enough pasta) were both excellent...

              2. I agree, it's a good lobster roll, but just not worth $27, even with the very good fries and those delicious bread and butter pickle slices. For the money, I'd rather have a lobster roll at Legal Harborside for $18 and a great view to boot, and oysters that are just as good for 50 cents less per oyster.

                But for some reason I still go to B&G and I still order the lobster roll once in a while.

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                1. re: Mike5966

                  there are lots of places that have oysters at 1.00 such as mondays at Rialto, Island Creek Oysters. This is clearly a loss leader as they cost 1.50 at New Deal a couple of weeks ago.

                  Island Creek Oyster Bar
                  500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

                2. Thank God I live in Maine where $15 gets me this at Red's....

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                    1. re: tamerlanenj

                      You must have eaten some lobster off that - I can actually see the bun!

                      1. re: nsenada

                        I have to respectfully disagree - we drove out of our way to get a lobster roll at Red's and both my husband and I agreed that it was the worst one that we'd ever had - lobster was overcooked and not very flavorful. Hard to do in Maine - we'd cooked our own the day before and it was amazing...