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Sep 9, 2011 03:23 PM

Largest, affordable food processor

Hopefully I'm not asking the impossible here, but I was wondering if anybody was familiar with a large (bigger than 12 cup) food processor for around $100? It seems like food processors are getting smaller -- the last time I bought one, several companies were offering 16-cup models in the $100-$200 range. However, the largest I am seeing right now that doesn't cost above $200 is 11 or 12 cups.

I am looking for a replacement for my 16 cup GE (Wal-Mart) food processor that was recalled for problems with the lid latch mechanism. It was only $50 brand new (1 year ago), and had enough power to handle pasta and other doughs, as well as all the chopping I wanted to do.

I bought a 11-cup Cuisinart for $95 on sale, but it seems like I'm getting a weaker, smaller machine for less money.

I'd like to have a larger bowl because I tend to use it to smooth out sauces for curries and other Indian foods for large family gatherings, and the liquid level on the 11-cup Cuisinart is really low.

Any ideas from the chow braintrust?

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  1. Sounds like what you really want is a blender. There are any number of good ones available for under $100.

    1. Two thoughts. FP: Go to your local thrift stores and see what you can find...usually under $20 and you should be able to at least plug it in. Alternative to FP: How about an immersion blender? It's great to smooth out curries I would think, and it goes right into your pot so capacity is not an issue--and they're well under $100.

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      1. re: escondido123

        I like the thrift store idea -- I'll have to check around me.

        A nice immersion blender is on my list, but I probably won't be buying one in the near future.

        Another reason I like a bigger FP is that we use it to process really large amounts of garlic, ginger, and peppers, as well as large batches of doughs. I can certainly make do with the 11-cup, but the extra 5 cups were really nice to have in the old machine.

      2. Unlike pots and pans, I always consider food processors and the ilk to be replaceable appliances within 5 years or so. It looks like you found the one for Macy's at $ 95.00, but

        Would you consider this?

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        1. re: atg106

          <<Unlike pots and pans, I always consider food processors and the ilk to be replaceable appliances within 5 years or so.>>

          Sad. My first Cuisinart, the CFP-5, survived 20+ years of extremely hard use.

        2. Although not inexpensive. Cuisinart does make a 20 cup. It is rather stodgy looking compared to sleeker and newer models but it is a beast of a machine. It is sold on line at Cuisinart and can be had on ebay as well. We have had one for a few years and use is constantly. Never a problem.

          1. You can get 14-cup food processors at WalMart for under $70 - Oster and Hamilton Beach are two brands I've seen.