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Sep 9, 2011 03:22 PM

Korean BBQ in DFW

Hi! I live in Irving and have been to Omi's in Carrollton for Korean BBQ but am wondering if there are any good Mom and Pop Korean places out there? My husband likes Korean food but not the BBQ. We went to San Jang's on Harry Hines last week and it was okay. We have also tried the Chicken House in Carrollton and we enjoyed it alot. I like Korean BBQ but my husband likes fish and stews. A place that is 15-20 mins away and is easy on the pocket book would be great! Thanks.

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  1. Most good korean food in dallas will be on a stretch of royal ln near I-35
    Best korean bbq in dallas for me is Yun Tan Gil at 11445 Emerald St
    Best sullungtang (beef soups) is LA Hanbat at 2257 Royal Ln
    Best spicy tofu soup is So Kong Dong Tofu House at 11181 Denton Dr # 108
    For best "overall" food is wondumak at 2330 Royal Ln and Youchun at 2254 Royal Ln

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        Wondumak is about similar price point to a lot of what's around H-Mart (especially the food court). How does it compare?

      2. You might see some results for Namoo too. Ignore those. Sad to say that the quality there has gone way downhill.

        For Yun Tan Gil, should also be advised that the sign is in Korean. Look for a bright red neon sign as you drive down Emerald. Good place and good banchan though to me they are somewhat skimpy on meat quantity for what you pay.

        Really like the mulnaengmyun (spicy buckwheat noodle) at You Chun, that's the star there. Nice for those real hot days.

        And I'm guessing you've tried the places in/around Super H-Mart?

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          I have to say what's around h mart (including the food court inside it) is just one level lower than royal lane korea town. Not to say they are bad, but just not as good.

          Try dal dong nae in the same strip mall as yun tan gil. Very good food and open until 4 am if i'm not mistaken. The kimchi fried rice is excellent, various hot pot is excellent too.

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            What hot pots at dal dong nae should I try?

            1. re: Regina1983

              i've only tried the first one:

              It's basically sausage, veggies, tofu, kimchi, mushrooms and noodle in a lava-hot broth. I like that

              Edit: If you ask for a bowl of rice, they serve the purplish korean sticky rice. Much better than regular white rice.

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            zeruel, point taken and really glad to have you posting here now. Brought some good discussion lately!

            Regarding other spots that have gone downhill, I hate to say that To Dam Gol tofu house next to H-Mart is the newest addition. Just not the same as what they used to be.

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              discussion of

              Buddae jiggae = army man's soup made with spam.


          3. Man Chun Ok (might be the name but it's mostly all in Korean) specifically for Seoul Lang Tang (sp?). I've gone there many times and it is always on point. Located on Royal on the North Side maybe right before or after Goodnight Ln. It has a big white sign with red letters and says underneath "Korean Traditional Soup".

            1. Choon Chun Chicken BBQ House
              2625 Old Denton Road #620, Carrollton, TX

              It's a very authentic Korean Restaurant and it's not BBQ...

              1. Do your own Korean BBQ at home! It's fun, delicious and way less expensive. Just buy different cuts of meat and get the marinades for KoMart in Irving or H Mart near Omi. They sell frozen short ribs for a reasonable deal. Defrost the meat and marinate overnight or for at least four hours. I also include shrimp and pork belly. Lay out a tray of rinsed and prepared veggies: zucchini, baby bok choy, onions, and mushrooms. Get out an electric griddle, coat it with a little bit of olive oil and cook it all right there in your dining room!

                I did this a couple of weeks ago and it was a big hit!