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Sep 9, 2011 01:53 PM

Disposable Aluminum Pans and Tomato Sauce?

I want to make some meals for a big family up the street overwhelmed by a tiny new baby who seems uninterested in sleeping. Can I make a tomato-based baked ziti or lasagna in disposable aluminum pans or will the aluminum react with the tomato sauce and make it black? The thing about the disposables is that they eliminate dish-washing and having to return things unbroken. (It's a circus up there.) TIA.

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  1. It'll be fine for a day or two but I've noticed it will eat holes in the aluminum foil over the top after that.

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      OK, thanks. Maybe worth lining the pan with parchment....

    2. I've made ziti and lasagna in disposable pans with no problems, even when shoveling leftovers out for days. Maybe you can get one with a fitted plastic top? If not, I find it help to refresh the foil after each heating, especially if there is tomato splatter on it.