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Sep 9, 2011 01:07 PM

sport peppers in No VA?

After a trip to Chicago, family is hooked on chicago style hot dogs with 'sport peppers.'

Before I order them online, any sources locally for these things? I've never seen them and I am pretty familiar with the jarred pepper section in my usual grocery stores. Have never been to a Wegmans though....

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  1. I've not seen them but I also haven't looked. However, you should know about Windy City Redhots. It's a food truck near Ashburn on Rt. 7. The guy is legit and really nice. I think he opened a second in Leesburg. You could try asking him while you're there.

    1. My husband looked for these fairly recently (he has fond memories of them from his youth) and he couldn't find them. Granted he did not comb the entire Metro area, fwiw. If you have an online source, I'd go for it.