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Sep 9, 2011 11:46 AM

Paisan - Breakfast, and new Happy Hour [added Berkeley]

I finally stopped in this morning, as I know they now have Blue Bottle drip by the cup. $3 for a nice 12 oz. mug. The scone was excellent - the best I've had in awhile. The other pastries which were out looked appealing, but I can only vouch for the scone at this time.

What was most interesting, however, was that I saw a new 5 o'clock menu (5 to 6, every day but Wednesday) that has a long selection of $5 cocktails (including mai tais, caipirihnas, old fashioneds, etc.), and the Margherita pizza for $5 (limit one pizza per person).

2514 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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  1. Things continue to slide downhill for Paisan. I went yesterday (Sunday) morning, specifically for the Blue Bottle coffee. It was after 10 and Caffe Trieste was hopping. There was NO ONE in Paisan for their Sunday brunch. Now I know why. There were no menus posted. When I asked to see a brunch menu, the server acted put upon and had to hunt for one to show me. WTF? The service to just get some espresso drinks to go was terrible. The server was uninterested, surly, rolled his eyes at my friend's request for a partial decaf drip coffee. Handed me a 2/3 full cup for my latte and when I requested more steamed milk, he told me that was the way they made them! Ignored my friend's request for milk for her coffee. This is the kind of employee who should have been booted out on the spot (can't believe this is the first time he's exhibited such behavior). I spoke with a woman who said she was one of the owners and told her what had been going on since we'd entered. She whispered that she'd "speak to him". Yeah, right. I told her if she wanted to see an example of excellent customer service (and, therefore, hordes of customers), she ought to visit Pizzaiolo on a morning. I'll get my Blue Bottle fix elsewhere from here on. Unfortunately, Paisan is in my neighborhood....with a number of other food venues that sport a combination of sub-standard food and/or downright bad service. Too bad 900 Grayson isn't open for dinner and Sunday brunch.

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      They really have to work out the problems with their service. I hesitate going there myself because of the attitude.

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        That is too bad to hear. I've only been for dinner a couple of times this year, and haven't had any service issues (in fact, it was good). I haven't been for lunch in ages, and my only breakfast stop turned out to be that post I made over 2 years ago.

    2. I've enjoyed happy hour at Paisan several times in the past few months: strong drinks, good snacks. A pleasant experience.