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Sep 9, 2011 11:15 AM

Good Butcher

I am looking for a good butcher. I want USDA Prime Skirt stake for my carne asada tacos I am making. I live in Summerlin area and would prefer something close, however, I could handle something on the East side as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Their is a good butcher near my house off of Robindale and Rainbow I haven't used them in a while the prices are a 1-2 Dollars more than Smiths steaks are. But they cut all the meat there, have sides of beeg, pork, deer , and boar I think brought in weekly.

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      The Butchers Block. 7625 South Rainbow. Solid selection, cheap for prime, and Ron's a nice guy. My favorite in town.

      For a splurge, I'd check out Bryan Flannery (online). Expensive of course but simply outstanding. In my experience, not a stretch to say they are one of the best butchers in US.

    2. I have used two butcher shops in the years here in Las Vegas. The first was Larry's Meats at Valley View and Alta.

      But since moving near North Las Vegas Airport we have been marketing at John Mull's Meats. John Mull's may not a beautiful retail butcher with the nice meat cases to choose from. It actually isn't that but they have been cutting meat in Las Vegas since 1958. Mull's is located at 3730 Thom Blvd in an older horse property neighborhood, between Gowan and Alexander , west of Decatur. They are not in a strip mall but in a building behind the owner's house (look for the small sign).

      As I said there are no meat display cases and you really need to know what you want before entering. Nita runs the front and her husband Chuck is the main butcher. They will cut the meat exactly as you want, i.e. 1" steaks, and package exactly the way you need it. During the Holiday season they specialize in smoked turkeys and great 3' beef steaks made on the property.

      They also run a catering business, John Mull's Road Kill Grill. Last spring my wife and I hosted our annual party and ordered the pulled pork, brisket, and beans. Simply Outstanding!

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        That's a great tip, lv. It has been a long time since I've heard about John Mull's, but I had a friend with a home smoker who swore by John Mull's knowledge of cuts for barbecue, including game meat. Glad to hear it is still going strong. I took a gander and couldn't find a website, but hit the Yelp page, which was full of tributes to this butcher.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Best butcher in town. They carry 3 and under ribs, and are always happy to split and/or tip them for you.

        2. re: lv1964

          That's 3' beef sticks, not steaks. Although a Fred Flintstone steak sounds pretty good.


          1550 Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste. M
          Henderson, NV 89012
          Phone: (702) 492-9998

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