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Sep 9, 2011 10:43 AM

breakfast in new haven tomorrow with elderly parents

picking parents up at new haven train station at 9:30 tomorrow. We'll have a car, but I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for an easy breakfast spot with easy parking, or parking drop-off, and also a quiet atmosphere as parents' hard of hearing. Honestly food isn't much of an issue--mostly just a calm place with either an attached parking lot or easy drop off! thanks!!

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    1. re: brookerme

      Sorry, The Athenian is not quiet and calm. We had to stop taking my father there because there is so much ambient noise his hearing aids were inneffective. And this was after eating there for almost 40 years.

    2. yes bagelman, the hearing aids/ambient noise is a problem. did you come up with an alternative? my college-age son, who will be joining us (and is vegan) suggested Red Lentil but i see they don't open until 11 and we're meeting at 9:30--it would be great to accomodate vegan son but I'm more concerned about exhausted and frail parents just being able to sit comfortably, and hear....

      1. How about The Pantry, on State St? Not sure how veg-friendly it is, but it didn't seem too loud when I was there 6 months ago. Parking is in a lot in back.

        1. thanks all--i'll let you know where we go!

          1. we ended up at atlas restaurant on temple street, right across from Critterion theater--it was perfect in that we could park right in front (metered) and found a quiet round table that accomdated family--food was basic omelets, home fries, good, nothing to write home about (vegan son was able to get veggie burger and fries)--parents could hear and participate in conversation, wait staff was helpful but not intrusive--just what we were hoping for! (right next to it was red lentil which my son likes--for vegan and vegetarian, but it wasn't open--plan to try that next time)