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Sep 9, 2011 09:45 AM

Montreal foodie looking for reco's in Trinidad/Monterey/Morro Bay/Santa Barbara

Will be travelling from Seattle to San Diego in September. Looking for reccomendations what to eat along the coast to San Diego
Originally from Europe, I've travelled all around Europe so I am quite accustomed to European cuisine and of course Montreal has French bistro cuisine down.

I am looking for moderately priced options and an occasional splurge for both breakfast/lunch/dinner. I like locally sourced foods, places with their own identity, have a weakness for good beer (being Belgian), mixology oriented bars and all types of ethnic cuisines. Montreal is not really known for their outstanding seafood, so I hope to get my fair share on the West Coast.

For Santa Barbara, I have found:
La Super-rica Taqueria
Jaffurs Wine Cellars
Olio Pizzeria
The French Press
Municipal Winemakers

Hope someone can chime in for the other places or confirm my options for Santa Barbara.

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  1. Last trip to Trinidad (few years back) we really enjoyed this place, fabulous view, great wines and excellent food.

    Sunset Restaurant
    Cher-Ae Heights casino

    Two that have received high marks and been popular in the past are:

    Larrupin Cafe
    1658 Patricks Point Drive
    (707) 677-0230

    Moonstone Grill, just south of Trinidad


    Shawn's on Main
    912 Main Street
    805 772-1059

    Bayside Cafe in the state park

    Taco Temple (but not for standard Mexican food items)

    Taco Temple
    2680 Main St, Morro Bay, CA 93442

    Moonstone Grill
    100 Moonstone Beach Rd, Trinidad, CA 95570

    Larrupin Cafe
    1658 Patricks Point Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570

    Bayside Cafe
    10 State Park Rd, Morro Bay, CA 93442

    1. For the Monterey area, Passionfish in nearby Pacific Grove may be your best option. The focus is on sustainable seafood preps. Reasonably priced. I don't remember the beer options, but the wine list (priced at retail) is extensive and outstanding, and it includes many local Monterey County wines as well as many others. You can search the boards here for more info about the place.

      701 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

      1. Not in Trinidad proper, but slightly south are two of our favorite brew pubs. Six Rivers Brewing in McKinleyville and Lost Coast Brewing in Eureka both have wonderful beer and decent-to-good food. As a plus, they both do growlers too, so you can get some beer to go if you find one you really like.

        Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
        617 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

        Six Rivers Brewery
        1300 Central Ave, McKinleyville, CA 95519

        1. For food lovers, California's local Certified Farmers Markets can put you in touch directly with thousands of small family farms and food producers. They are colorful, lively and above all delicious.

          If you can make it at all, a wonderful certified (all products from vendor--no distributors) Farmer's Market occurs in Aptos, just a few minutes south of Santa Cruz on Saturday mornings from 8 till noon. This market shows the incredible bounty of this coastal growing region. Voted in the Top 10 of such markets in the state.

          Everything from local coffee roasters to handmade sauerkrauts, honey, local mushrooms, fish, cheese, wines, olive oils, vegetables, fruits, preserves, breads and fine pastries, pasture-raised meats, etc. Live accoustic music and entertainment , free parking; at Cabrillo Community College, just 3 minutes from Coast Highway 1in the Aptos area..

          The parent organization, Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets, hosts many other markets in the small communities ringing the Bay from Santa Cruz to Carmel. so no matter the day of the week, you can find a market.

          Here's a list for the entire state: You'll find the markets tell the wonderful story of family farming in California's regiions and the extra-rich bounty of those markets along the coast. I hope you can visit more than a few on your travels down the coast.

          1. Some great choices for SB. Ate at Olio Pizza on Friday night and had a delicious mussel special with spicy tomato broth and asparagus with pancetta and poached egg to start and one of their excellent pizzas for main dish. Saturday night went to La Super rica and had our favorite #16 ( Superica special-grilled green chiles, pork and cheese) and some of their special enchiladas. French press is a great coffee place downtown. We also really like Crushcakes for great breakfasts.

            Crushcakes & Cafe
            1315 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101