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Sep 9, 2011 09:09 AM

Martin Berasategui - table booked, but does anyone have wine recommendations?

I've booked a table for myself at Martin Berasategui in early October. My heart was set on Akelarre, but I've timed it all wrong. So, I'll probably go for the tasting menu here - is it paired with wines, or do you just have to choose a bottle? If the latter, does anyone have a good recommendation? I always end up drinking Belondrade y Lurton in Spain, and I could do with broadening my horizons!

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  1. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that they have a sommelier and who knows the wine list a lot better than the people on this board.

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      I expect so, but just wondered if anyone had sampled a particularly good bottle they could recommend. Not always in love with the upselling some sommeliers indulge in

    2. Three are endless ways to pair wine at MB. If you are taking the tasting menu, they have a standard wine pairing that goes well with the courses. Last time, about 4 years ago, I remember it to be around 75euros. It was quite generous. In lieu of that, they will also tailor a wine pairing according to your interest, how much you want to drink, your budget, etc. The staff speaks English if that is your concern.

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        Ah, that sounds good. Will take my meal towards the 'ruinously expensive' end of the scale, but I think I'll push the boat out for the paired wines. Thanks.

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          If you are worry about your budget, make sure you ask the price of the wine pairing as it changes. After talking to the sommelier, if you think it is too expensive or too much wine, you can always ask for a simpler pairing. When we took the tasting menu, it had 6 courses plus two desserts. With the huge amount of food, 7 wine was way too much for me. And they will pour more if one finishes with the glass before the course. My partner who love wines thought it was a great pairing but would have been just as good with 4 to go with the savory courses. Remember that one probably has to drive afterward.

      2. i think you will be glad you ended up at m.b. i would do the tasting menu with the wine pairing.