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Sep 9, 2011 05:56 AM

What Do YOU Do With Celeriac Leaves?

Yesterday we bought a fresh celeriac, smallish, but with the most beautiful bouquet of bright green long stems and leaves attached. The leaves are larger than regular celery leaves. At home I snapped a few leaves off, washed them and tasted. The flavor was sweet with a definite celery stalk finish but milder. Delicious. I thought of an Asian stir-fry, incorporating a few leaves in a salad, adding a few to a soup, IOW, I want to use them for more than just a garnish.

Searching this site brought nothing, and although Googling "celeriac leaves" did bring up some interesting sites I'd like to know how other CH home cooks use these leaves - or if they don't.

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  1. I think you've covered it; salads, stir fry is interesting, soup stocks. They're not like beet or turnip greens which sautee up nicely. I'd use them as garnish/flavoring.

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      Thanks Monavano. It's really quite a nice looking bunch of greenery. I might just stick a few stems in a small vase and call it The Centerpiece.

      1. re: Gio

        I love it! Repurposing. How very Barefoot Contessa of you!

    2. You know what's a cool idea? Dry them in the oven on low heat and blend with sea salt for your own celery(iac) salt. I do this with celery leaves, too.

      1. So wonderful to find a celeriac bulb with leaves. I was curious and found this:

        "Celeriac's leaves and stalks are edible and can be used to flavor soup stocks, but use sparingly as they are more potent than common celery. The leaves can also by thinly sliced and used in place of celery leaves or parsley."

        1. @chefathome: That IS a cool idea..thanks!

          @ Rella: Yes, that's one of the sites I got this morning. My leaves are better than your leaves, though...LOL

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          1. re: Gio

            Wow - those ARE good leaves! I can see how it would be a pity to allow them to go to waste.

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              Great picture - thanks for sending it. It will go in my 'voluminous' cooking files. I can see why - if yours were even remotely as good - that one would never want to waste them.

              P.S. I never waste celery leaves either. Decades ago, when I had limited taste buds, I was in a little restaurant/bar where I had a teeny portion of their spaghetti - I can't recall the sauce enough to replicate it - but when I asked what they did different to make it taste so good - they smiled and said that they added celery leaves. Never underestimate their use, I say. (Now they go into my juicer.)

            2. They are wonderful Tempura-ed or for Bhaji (pakoras).

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              1. re: chefj

                Oh, they would be! I have never done either with celeriac leaves.

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                  I'm more apt to shallow fry fritters rather than deep fry so I'll try that too. Perhaps with corn or grated zucchini?? Thanks!