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Claremont & surrounding area: Lunch Spots?

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So I'm a new yuppie who currently works in the Claremont/Upland/Montclair area. My question is, does anyone know any good lunch spots around here? (I get 1 hour for lunch, but it's generally pretty lenient.) I know about Juanita's in Pomona.

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  1. Go over to Claremont Village and take a walk around there, lots of places, cuisines and price points.

    Joey's BBQ on Foothill & Central. The Hat, Central south of Foothill about a block and a half.

    Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

    1. I don't know how they are for lunch, but I had a good Spanish dinner at Viva Madrid.

      Viva Madrid
      225 Yale Avenue, Claremont, California 91711-4704

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        They are not, very unfortunately, open for lunch.

      2. I like Walter's in Claremont... Nice relaxing atmosphere, good food. My hubby first took me there 7 years ago as one of our first dates. I always buy a bottle of their chutney to take home with me when I go (it goes really good with their bowlawnie appetizer).

        Link: http://www.waltersrestaurant.net/

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          I second Walter's. Love the stuffed burger and do not miss the lamb burrito. yes, I know what you're thinking - but it's really nice!

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          Aruffo's for Italian. Pizza n' Such for...pizza n' more. Walter's is nice. All three are on Yale.

          Haven't tried it yet but Casa de Salsa on Indian Hill at Foothill has a beautiful patio. Buffalo Inn, just over the line in Upland on Foothill, is very fun on a sunny day.

          1. China Star is a *great* Chinese restaurant. May not look like much, but the food is a notch or two above your typical Chinese restaurant (at the same price) and the service is amazingly fast and very courteous too. I've never been there for lunch, but I've heard the lunch plates are fantastic.

            921 W. Foothill Blvd.
            Claremont, CA 91711
            (909) 624-2328; Fax: 624-3735

            Okay, this is not a lunch place, but since you're already there, it would be a great for after-work dinner: I've had a few very memorable meals at a Spanish Tapas restaurant tucked down an alley in the old downtown. I can't vouch for anything except the tapas, because we never get any farther down the menu than that before we are stuffed to the gills. They have about three dozen different tapas dishes, and they keep bringing them out until we scream for mercy.

            Viva Madrid
            225 Yale Avenue
            Claremont, CA 91711


            Mmm, now I'm craving tapas just thinking about it...

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              There is a terrific Thai restaurant on Indian Hill in the minimall across from Juanita's. It's called Sanaamluang, a sister restaurant of the better known Sanaamluang in Hollywood. You can get a terrific plate of noodles there for under $6. You can find many reviews of the Hollywood Sanaamluang on this site.

              For diner type food, Molly's Cafe in Upland is very good, they have the best Spanish Omelette I've found in the area.

              Most of the stuff in the village is overpriced, in my opinion.

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                in the village, i'd recommend saca's for mediterranean. full of life for sandwiches. i honestly don't think that viva madrid is that great. walter's is worth a try, though. don't forget to stop by bert and rocky's for some ice cream, though! mmmmm...

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                Reality Check

                Heroes Restaurant
                131 Yale Ave,
                Claremont, CA 91711
                (909) 621-6712

                Nothing fancy but good food in a nice relaxed atmosphere. A great place to unwind after work with their 100 beers on tap.

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                  Check out Upland German Deli in the strip mall on the northeast corner of Foothill and Mulberry (first light east of Mountain). Their bratwurst, Reubens, and spaetzle are not to miss, and be sure to try one of their cakes or pastries afterward, especially the Napoleon. Everything's made-to-order, which means the food is hot and fresh but that might mean you'll be pressed for time on a one hour lunch break.
                  Patty's on the NE corner of Towne and Foothill has good burritos.
                  Pho Ha at 695 Indian Hill Blvd. for Vietnamese. I really like their fried egg rolls.

                  1. In my opinion, the best casual Mexican in the greater LA area is Los Jarritos II on the West side of Gary just below Foothill.

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                      I've seen this place before, do you have a recommendation on what's good there?

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                        I highly recommend the carne asada, chile verde and steak picado. I've been going to Los Jarritos I and II for about 20 years or, as long as they've been in business. I've long ago moved away from the area but, find an excuse to visit as often as possible. Los Jarritos I is on Towne and 2nd. It's much smaller than Los Jarritos II.

                    2. If you'd like something special, and can take a bit more than an hour, make a reservation for lunch at Saffron Cafe in the Guasti Villa in Rancho Cucamonga. It's just off the I-10 at the Archibald exit, so you can get there pretty quickly. It's $15 for a three-course, prix fixe menu and the food tends to be a cut above what you can normally get in this area. The menu changes weekly. Check the website for menu and other info.


                      1. I've spent A LOT of time in Claremont over the years, so here's a quickie list of my favorites as they come to mind. It's hard to find such a great collection of eclectic and artisanal cuisine anywhere in the 909 as you'll find in the enclave of Claremont's village.

                        -Some Crust Bakery on Yale in the Claremont village has awesome pastries for breakfast, great sandwiches for lunch.

                        -Wolfe's Market on Foothill Blvd. and Harvard Ave. The best gourmet deli around for miles. The kitchen also has an extensive array of salads and goodies--excellent lunch choice, and you can sit on the patio.

                        -Skip Joey's and the Hat and head to Walter's for authentic Afghani cuisine. The burger is good (I personally prefer Heroes for my coronary-clogging meals). The lamb is wonderful and the Afghan fries are among my top-five fried food favorites. Buy a baguette to take home to chew on later.

                        -Full of Life Bakery on Bonita is also great for fresh, slow food style breads and salads.

                        -Head to the Press for great vegetarian food, live music at night, and yummy cocktails, from key lime martinis to micro-brews on tap. Good scene.

                        -My personal favorite, only open for dinner:La Piccoletta. This serious, home-style, rustic, REAL Italian food at its best. Very romantic communal dining. I'm sad Chef Linda sold it, but I hear the new chef is great. This place is a gem--it's on Indian Hill, located in the alley behind Nick's coffee shop--another great find, BTW.

                        -Oooh, and for dessert, home-made ice cream from the shoppe on the corner of Bonita and Yale (across from Rhino Records). The name eludes me at the moment.

                        -The Village Grille is the greasy spoon of choice to eat away your hangover (after too many key lime and chocolate martinis at the press) and watch the locals parade by

                        Have fun! It's a great town!

                        1. Try Golden China in the strip mall on the northeast corner of Arrow Hwy and Central in Montclair: fast, tasty, cheap and good lunch specials. I like Eurocafe at the corner of Baseline and Mills in Claremont for panini (service can be flakey, but food's good). If you can take a little extra time, try El Meredero just south of Arrow Hwy on Fairplex in Pomona: the location between the fairplex racetrack and a drive-through liquor store is actually quite charming. For Thai, try Sanamlaung on Indian Hill just south of the 10 (past Juanita's).

                          1. El Merendero in Pomona has great taquitos!

                            1. I second the recc for the Euro Cafe. Great sandwiches and salads, and be sure to check out the daily specials. The place is owned by a Portuguese family and so has some Portuguese dishes and they are just delicious. They also make their own chorizo there, which you can buy to cook at home.

                              As a lifer in this area who is always trying to find good eats, I back up the suggestions by Mangefromage as well.