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Sep 8, 2011 09:13 PM

(North York) Parents comeing to visit, Restaurant recomendations Please.

Next month my parents will be coming into town for a cousin's wedding (on Thanksgiving weekend) and will be staying for around a week. Needless to say, I'll be showing them a few restaurants. The problem with that is I don't eat out very often, and when I do, it's usually a bowl of pho or something equally pedestrian; Not the kind of restaurant to bring your parents to.

To give you some idea of what they like, the last time they were in town I took them to Baton Rouge, which they enjoyed, but I'd like to avoid resorting to chains this time around if at all possible. Also, my parents are getting old, my Mom's in her mid 60s and has mobility issues (she uses two canes to walk around) and my Dad's in his early 70s. They'll be using a car so a place with easy parking would be great.

I'd like to keep it moderately priced, no more than say $40 per person for food.

Two other things, my Mom has expressed interest in going to a sit down dim sum place - are there any you'd recommend in North York? - and on the Saturday, we'll be visiting the ROM, what would be a good place nearby for an early (5ish) supper?

Thanks a bunch.

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  1. how north is north york cause if it encompasses scarborough id say maple yip but it isnt dim sum its more dishes but if you're looking for dim sum go to finch and leslie or yang's in markham.

    as for the ROM are you looking for chinese or what?

    1. After you check out how big North York is, you may want to re-consider if you want to be a bit more specific! Do you want a place near Finch and Weston or Don Mills and Eglington? Both are in North York.

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        Good Point. I live near Yonge & Finch, so somewhere near to there is good.

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          I'd recommend you start a new post asking for a good dim sum restaurant near Yonge and Finch. The more specific your question is, the more likely those with answers will open your post and respond. Good luck.