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Which steakhouse should we go to instead of Gibson's?

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We're visiting next month and our hosts said they booked a great steakhouse for us. I recently found out the name and it is Gibson's. I have been there twice before. Actually the only two times I've been to a steakhouse in Chicago was at Gibson's.

So...I would like to try a different place but don't want to be rude to our hosts by picking a place that is inferior to Gibson's.

Any ideas?


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  1. There is a a great deal of consensus (although - as with any restaurant, some dissent) that the best overall option is David Burke's Primehouse, although Chicago Cut also has its fans. Some reviews and opinions below.


    David Burke's Primehouse
    616 N Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611

    1. Read my review of David Burke's yesterday, titled "Mother of all Ribeyes".

      1. Another vote for David Burke's.

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              Here's a strong vote for Chicago Cut. David Burke's is fine but I'm now a dedicated fan of Chicago Cut. To me, it has taken over the lead as the best steakhouse in Chicago.

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                - 1 on David Burke's. Totally underwhelmed by the experience. Steak was good, but the apps, salads, sides and service were less than stellar. I wouldn't go back.

          1. I'll have admit that I'm not a fan of steakhouses with ~$40 a la carte steaks, no matter how good they are. The final bill ends up being in excess of $100 a person, and they serve up far too much food. I either have to end up taking stuff home, or feeling bad that I'm letting stiff go to waste.

            Last year, I was stuck in Rosemont for a business conference, and ended up eating dinner with some colleagues at the bistro ("Bistro BC") in the Doubletree Hotel. The steaks were on the order of $25-$30 and the one I ordered was excellent. Plus you get your sides for the price. My meal, including the glass of wine, was about $50, which made my expense account managers much more happy than if we had gone into the branch of Gibsons that is also on-site. I'll bet there are even better bargains for a good steak in Chicago, but as I don't live there, I don't know them.

            1. I second (or third) the vote(s) for Chicago Cut. Had the best steak of my life there about three months ago and thought the rest of the food was great. Primehouse is good too, so you really can't go wrong with either one.