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Sep 8, 2011 05:15 PM

grocery shopping...

just moved here... where is the best place to buy groceries with a good selection? close to the beverly hills area but don't mind driving a little if necessary

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  1. Good Selection is in the eye of the beholder ;) What type of food is important to you? Fruits/Veggies? "Ethnic" Foods? Cheap? Imports? Organic?

    There's a bunch of the big chains around, but I like Owens ( - but it's not cheap. There's also a Trader Joe's in WeHo.

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      Owens is a not the market it used to be. I grew up around the corner and often (read 3x a week) would run in for something for my mom. The meat counter used to be the one of the best in town, as was the produce section. Sadly, it is not the same in quality or in service as it once was.

      I too shop at several markets in the area. High end items like fish and meat I go to Bristol Farms, but their produce are often over ripe and have a very short self life.

      Gelson is good for produce when i need to grab and go,

      The Ralphs on Olympic and Barrington has an excellent produce department. Well stocked.

      I also like TJs and Whole Foods.

      Welcome to the hood.


    2. if i lived in beverly hills, i would probably shop at these three stores:
      1) whole foods
      2) gelson's (located in century city shopping center)
      3) trader joes (not sure where the closest TJ's is to BH)

      no one store will cover it all for me.

      if you do a lot of gourmet cooking at home, you probably will find it worth your while to take a look at the stuff they sell at SURFAS

      for spices, there is Penzey's in Santa Monica

      if you are looking for cheap, probably the best cheap around BH is Elat market on Pico (which specializes in Middle Eastern food and has a lot of cheap produce.

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        i live in BH. i shop at all three of the big ones. i run into Pavilion's and Ralph's for little things that i want to buy generic. i prefer the TJ's in Culver City. it's a straight shot down Beverwil to National and over to Venice. Parking is better, and people and the drive are less irritating than Westwood or West Hollywood.

        I go to both Elat (pico/robertson) and Glatt (Elm/Pico), prefer the former to the latter. get things like produce, fish, whole chickens (others here have expressed bad experiences, but mine have always been good... though i'm itching to try Lindy and Grundy on Fairfax for a chicken), nuts, seeds, and nut powders in bulk and cheap (ie almond powder, coconut powder, pumpkin seeds, dried roasted chickpeas, etc).

        i may get swatted for admitting this, but i also LOVE the 99 cent store on Wilshire just west of Fairfax. i get random stuff there... if they have eggs, i'll grab em. i've had awesome melons, organic spinach, organic blueberries, paper towels, dog toys... it's always fun to walk around, despite the sometimes hectic nature. it's like disneyland for the wallet... you know exactly how much everything is ;) oh, and disposable baking pans; ive gotten parchment paper there too.

        welcome to the hood.

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          if you end up going to the TJ's in culver city (my favorite too), might as well stop at K-Zo first for sushi. they share the same parking structure and building, so it couldn't be more convenient.

          9240 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

          1. re: westsidegal

            i love K-Zo. go there often. that and kiyokawa. i go to a place on beverly dr. as well, due to walking convenience, and the chefs are nice and know me... always a plus.

            also, forgot to mention, at times, when necessary, i will drive west to Mitsuwa.

            9240 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

      2. My personal favorite in that area is Bristol Farm.

        1. Top three for quality and great selection have to be Gelson's, Bristol Farms and Whole Foods, but there are some very nice Ralph's and Pavilions out there in the nicer areas.

          Start with those for your major shopping and you'll find the smaller, mom and pop places that carry the specialty items you want.

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            the Pavilion's at Roberston and Santa Monica is super nice. huge. all new. and good parking lot.

          2. It's not too far of a drive to Jons in Hollywood as well