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Sep 8, 2011 04:27 PM

Tapas near apartment

We arrive in Barcelona on 25 november in late afternoon. We are staying for three days at

Carrer del Pom d'Or 2

behind the central post office. What are your recommendtions for resaurants in the area especially tapas. We're fans of seafood and anything local if that helps.


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  1. I believe carrer del Pom d'Or is in the Bari Gotic. A 2 minute walk across via Laietana is El Born which also has great tapas/pintxos places. Below is a link to a recent post on this subject including many recommendations. If you need more info, search this board as tapas eating in Barcelona is one of the most discussed topics.
    Besides those mentioned in the above link, toward the harbor end of the Gotic on c/Merce and c/Ample are some old style galician bars (specialize in pulpo, etc) and Asturian siderias, a slice of old Barcelona.l Barcelona is compact, therefore, don't restrict yourself near the apartment.