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Sep 8, 2011 04:06 PM

Zucchini bread not "zucchini - ey" enough

Why can't I have that stronger zucchini flavour rather than all the spices? Anyone have one that works well for them?

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  1. Did you salt and let your shredded zucchini drain to rid it of excess water before adding it to the batter?

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    1. re: monavano

      The recipe I used doesn't say to salt and drain. That would be it you think?

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        Speaking of salting/draining (which I've never done before and had the bread come out fine), I am now about to make zucchini bread which I had pre-grated 2 zucchini for, froze it, and then defrosted it. Now I've obviously got some very wet gratings. Is this going to make a difference with the bread?

      2. You could simply cut back on the spices and that would solve the problem.

        1. I don't use spices in mine, I drain it well and it tastes like zuch.

          1. I thought zucchini bread was supposed to be moist. Are you looking for a savory bread recipe?

            I guess one could always add more zucchini, and go easier on the sugar, making it more like a carrot bread.

            1. I thought zucchini bread was invented to use up zucchini *without* zucchini taste! Hence sugar and cinnamon, with a nice moist outcome.
              You could try zucchini fritters/pancakes if savoury zucchini bread doesn't satisfy.

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                This is precisely what I agree the point of zucchini bread to be. Plus the fact that the OP's want for a "more zucchini-y" taste is a little funny given that zucchini doesn't have much of a taste. Precisely why they can get away with being used as chewy filler in baked sweets (yes, I know carrots are veggies too but those are different hehe).