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Sep 8, 2011 04:03 PM

ISO FRESH swiss chocolate roll (Chinese or Vietnamese bakery)


Well, I am about to give up on the Chinese/ Vietname chocolate (or any flavour) rolls cakes.
We have tried bout 15 different bakeries.
From Spadina to Hyw 7, we cannot find a FRESH cake roll :(
10 year ago, Furama used to have amazing ones.
In the past year, they all seem fresh but...

1)Never enough buttery cream inside
2)way too DRY!!!! I nearly choke on it. Byuk.

It's something I get nostalgic for every few months and I have yet to find one that is not super dry.

What is going on? Did the recipe change OR, like fish, you avoid certain days since they are only fresh on certain days??

Thanks in advance,
If one exists, I know someone on chow will tell me.

grazie amici

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  1. I tried the roll cake (with something crunchy on the outside and multi flavour inside) from Fragrant Bakery at Midland/McNicoil. It is pretty good if you finish it within 2 days. It is usually available on the weekend. $7-8 for a roll. Their wife cakes is also good. Had Queen's, quality had gone down hill. Had Lulucus's chestnut swiss roll, not very impressed.
    If you still can't find the one you like, try the Korean Bakery on Spring Garden. They use jam as a filling though.

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    1. re: smfan

      Thanks smfan!
      I will try to get up east soon to Fragrant. What the heck happened to this kind of cake? They used to be so squishy and moist, I know it's the Chinese equivalent to a lower end cake but when it was made right, with a nice tea, it was such a guilty pleasure, butter filling and all.
      I just googled wife cake and now must try it. Thanks!

    2. Try 'Maxim' in the Finch/Bayview area. They use only fresh cream!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Thanks Charles.
        Working for the weekend now... :)
        Does anyone know how or if Chinese bakeries have "bake days" that are fresher? I know most are 7 day operations so for me it's always a crap shoot.

      2. The bakery affiliated with Dragon Dynasty restaurant in Scarborough (Brimley and Huntingwood) is known to have yummy cakes. They have the cake rolls there too. I've tried their mini rolls (a slice of the roll), and they're extremely buttery. They were just over $1 each when I got them, which was about a year ago. I wouldnt be able to have a whole one for breakfast. I would say give that a try and report back!

        Dragon Dynasty
        2301 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1S 5B8, CA

        1. I am not sure if they have chocolate flavour though I assume so, but T&T makes a lovely taro version that always seems fresh and moist on Saturdays. It has been about a year since I've bought any though.

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          1. re: LTL

            Yippie, My lovely sister-in-law dropped off a rainbow roll on Sunday evening and it was super moist. Yay!
            thanks everyone,

            1. re: Idas

              i was at grant's food mart today in mississauga, and they definitely have many chocolate swiss rolls, and ones with almonds and chocolate.. .didnt see any plain though.

              3415 Dixie Rd

              1. re: junkie

                check out fragrant bakery at mcnicoll/midland, they have many swiss rolls and awesome chinese pastries

          2. Idas where did your sister get the Rainbow roll? And what flavour ?

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            1. re: smfan

              it was from T&T at Promenade. Matcha-Coffee/Chocolate/Vanilla.
              So good but I didn't try the match piece, I really only like green tea/matcha as a bevvy.