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Sep 8, 2011 03:59 PM

48 Hours in Seattle

Heading to Seattle to celebrate my boyfriends 35th birthday! We LOVE Seattle and LOVE Seafood. Our favorite place to sit for hours on end in the afternoon is Elliott's... but I am also looking for new ideas.

I am looking for both places to eat oysters and drink white wine both during the day... and at night. I read about the Walrus and the Carpenter and Rays Boathouse- Also considering a day trip to the islands, or somewhere else fabulous to dine.

For the evening- steak and seafood, italian seafood, seafood. We like the Metropolitan, and how about Anchovies and Olives?

Planning to stay downtown, so walking or short taxi is ideal- though we would be willing to travel out of downtown for amazing food!

Thanks for any advice!!!

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  1. Anchovies and Olives is perfect for your Italian seafood and seafood desires. They also have oysters and white wine. And definitely go to The Walrus and the Carpenter.

    1. I'll add for your oyster / wine sipping pleasure -- make the short walk up the hill to Melrose Market (Melrose between Pike & Pine) for oysters and wine at the very pleasant Bar Ferdinand, and check out the market itself, which is nice. Could lead to a fun night out on Capitol Hill, home also to the great Italian restaurant Cascina Spinasse, who I think is tops in the city right now for Italian, and maybe 10-15 minutes further on from Melrose Market.

      Cascina Spinasse
      1531 14th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122