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Sep 8, 2011 03:00 PM

Herb Box Old Town Scottsdale

Went to Herb Box for the first time last night for dinner

very nice interior, huge tables that have plenty of space, overall was a fun experience and we will try it again - probably for a happy hour at some point in time

It reminded us

Got there and me and the Mrs split 2 items from their small plates menu (which is half off during happy hour 3-6) and one of their flatbreads

The two items we tried off the small plates menu were the:

Short Rib Tacos - good corn torillas with tender short rib in between with micro greens and cotija cheese, with a black bean salsa (which was ok) on the side - would order again

The Chilled Lime Crab Dip with fried plantain chips - Very interesting flavor here, the sweet crunch plantain chips with the acidic bitterish green crab dip, was very tasty, it is a big plate so best to share with more than two people or take it home - would order again

The flatbread we got was the brussel sprout and pancetta - this was extremely good and our favorite thing that we ate - there was a good amount of pancetta and high quality cheese on the pizza along with a thing layer of brussel sprout leaves shaved / peeled very thinly

Dessert was the only thing that was diappointing - We got the Passion Fruit filled donuts, note to self never order anything from a frier near closing time - they bread was very doughy and undercooked and the filling was just so-so - it came with coconut ice cream which the mrs liked, however i didnt find it very creamy and thought it was average at best

Overall we both agreed we would go back again - they seem like they have a great happy hour - so that is a great way to give the place a try (beers are $3-$4 during happy hour with $5 glasses of wine)

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  1. Carrying out from the market downstairs was a hit and miss experience, though I don't remember what we had. I've been wanting to get to the restaurant proper for a while. Glad to hear you had a good meal.

    1. The brussels sprouts and pancetta flatbread is one of my favorites too.

      1. Thanks. I was contemplating it for brunch, but the half-price sounds enticing.

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          at the brunch they have unlimited bloody mary's and mimosa's so if you dont have anything to do for the day 9 (and maybe monday) , that could be a good deal was well :)