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What are the best Chinese restaurants in Marin?

I dined at my favorite Chinese restaurant in SF recently with two friends from San Rafael, one of them Chinese-American. They were so delighted with the quality of the food, I was curious and asked them about comparable restaurants in Marin County. It seems they've given up on finding Chinese restaurants and usually go Thai. Hounds, what are your favorite Chinese restaurants in Marin?
We need to know!

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  1. From what I know, here are directions to the best Chinese restaurants if you are in Marin. Get on 101S, bear right after the GGBridge, at the first exit from 19th Ave turn right, then left, at the next block turn left again and head up Clement St. ;-)

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        I don't think Anna has ever met a restaurant she didn't like.

      2. I avoid Chinese restaurants in Marin. I made a few attempts but everything I found is Americanized fare.

        1. Which Chinese resto did they like in SF?

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            We took them to David Deng's Crazy Pepper (San Jose @ Geneva). They were particularly happy with the Meatless Chicken with String Beans; in fact, they insisted I bring it to a party at their house this weekend.

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              Ah, I'm not familiar with that one. The vast majority of Chinese restaurants in Marin are Americanized type places. My two favorites in this genre are Ping's in San Rafael (a bit more old scholl) and China Village in Novato. Nothing spectacular, just good standard fair.

              Ping's Mandarin
              817 Francisco Blvd W, San Rafael, CA 94901

              China Village
              107 San Marin Dr, Novato, CA 94945

          2. Have you been to Harmony?

            1. PING'S in San Rafael, hands down. Tommy's Wok in Sausalito. Also another one near by whose name escapes me. Kirin is my favorite in the "area" but in Santa Rosa. I found Harmony reaching but not quite grasping.

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                Feng Nian in Sausalito? It's near Tommy's Wok but on the other side of Bridgeway.

              2. Yet Wah and House of Lee in SR and Feng Nian in Sausalito are decent+ -- if you watch what you order...

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                  I went to Yet Wah in San Rafael once several years ago and that cured me forever. It was quite poor food and a shadow of its long-ago self on Clement in San Francisco. My Chinese-from-Taiwan friend had the same opinion.

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                    I've had several (many?) quite good lunches at Feng Nian over a lot of years, varying from spectacular to OK-good.

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                      Clement Street and the East Bay are not that far away from Southern Marin. Ping's, Yet Wah, Yu Shang, House of Lee, Harmony, etc., are all adequate, sort of like the best Chinese restaurant in a medium sized town in suburban Chicago or New York. But, there are virtually hundreds of better Chinese restaurants in SF, Oakland, or even El Cerrito. Marinites just don't know how bad it is here

                  2. I had lunch today at Yu Shang in San Rafael, the first time I've been there in all the years of driving by. Overall, quite good. No, not spectacular, but a good rendition of everything in the Hunan Prawn lunch special. Hot & Sour soup - Very good balanced flavor and not too much cornstarch. Edd roll - Good version of this standard item. Hunan Prawns - Generous serving (I took half home) of very flavorful prawns and assorted Chinese-type veggies, a bit hot (not fiery hot). They also have a sushi bar that gets good marks on yelp.