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Sep 8, 2011 11:57 AM

Pawpaws at farmer's markets?

Hi all,

I was just reminded that the heart-breakingly short pawpaw season has begun and I'm on a mission to find some locally, a mission so important that it inspired me (finally) to register here after lurking and reading for ages. Has anyone seen pawpaws at a farmer's market yet? I live in DC but am willing to travel to any of the close-in suburbs.


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  1. i was intrigued by your quest, because i thought pawpaws were more tropical, but there are papayas called paw paws, then there is YOUR paw paw.

    since i had to look up info, i thought i'd share it so maybe others might more readily identify it. according to wikipedia, "The pawpaw is native to the eastern United States and adjacent southernmost Ontario, Canada, from New York west to eastern Nebraska, and south to northern Florida and eastern Texas.[1][2] The pawpaw is a patch-forming (clonal) understory tree found in well-drained, deep, fertile bottom-land and hilly upland habitat, with large, simple leaves and large fruits, the largest edible fruit indigenous to North America.""

    Wiki also says:

    ""Asimina triloba has numerous other often very local common names, at least historically, including: wild banana, prairie banana, Indiana banana, Hoosier banana, West Virginia banana, Kansas banana, Kentucky banana, Michigan banana, Missouri banana, the poor man’s banana, Ozark banana, and banango.""


    1. Read this post about pawpaws here in the DC area -- you may be in luck!

      1. I haven't seen any yet. There is a woman at the saturday old town Alexandria market who has them every year but she didn't have them last week.

        1. My friend in WV who has them on her property says they're not quite ready yet. Maybe next week. Can't wait, they are so amazing!

          1. Thank you for the replies! I found some this morning at the Kensington Farmers Market (they were sold out in about 10 minutes) but heard that the Farm at Sunnyside will probably have some tomorrow at Dupont Circle. They're a big item this year, so if you want some, go early!

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              Thanks because of the National Archives exhibit and talk where Jose Andres went on and on about them.