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Sep 8, 2011 11:07 AM

What do you do with the butternut or other winter squash?

I bought a container of the cleaned and cut butternut squash the other day, as I had been craving some intense orange-y vegetable. I had considered buying the Birdseye cooked winter squash puree -- because it is so deliciously silky and intense -- but I thought I'd go for the fresh squash.

I simply cooked the squash in some water, and mashed it. It is sweet and more textural than the Birdseye puree, but I figure the extra fiber is good for me.

What do you do with the winter squash?

<And a weird question: have you ever made a squash pudding using cornstarch? or some thickener that doesn't add many calories?>

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  1. Usually a cream soup. Sometimes I mix it in a mash with sweet potatoes and add some butter, brown sugar and nutmeg and/or cinnamon.

    I also put it in vegetable soup. I love the sweetness it adds.

    1. Roast it with herbs and sometimes other veggies.

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        I like to toss with a little olive oil, and a mixture of smoked paprika, chipotle powder, cumin, coriander, a few pinches of brown sugar, and salt... it's Autumn on a plate!

      2. Butternut squash soup with some lump crabmeat on top is easily one of my favorite foods so thats usually what I do with it. Sometimes I make butternut squash ravioli as well.

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          I actually make this chowhound recipe during the winter months. It is a favorite with the family and guests as well. It has become a holiday veg for us too.

          1. My mom used to cut an acorn squash in half and put a small knob of butter in each half, then roast them covered till soft. Man, that stuff was delicious!

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              That is how I have always prepared them, except I never cover them. And you are right, alka, they are delicious. Think I will try covering the next time I roast them.

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                i THINK i recall that she covered them…they were always nice and moist.

                i really am foolish not to eat more of these great squashes. they are so flavorful.