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Sep 8, 2011 09:57 AM

Trip to Chilean Wine Region(s)

Has anyone done a wine trip to Chile? Love some information. . . I don't know anything about Chilean wine but have loved and studied CA wine for 40 years. Am thinking a special trip for a big birthday coming up, and Chile seems -- well, exotic.

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    1. i visited some vineyards in Colchagua valley in April. spectacular!!! i'm not ashamed to admit i'm a new world wine lover! there are many wine producing areas in Chile but i chose Colchagua first and am glad i did.

      some info about Colchagua valley i found. lots of info on the interwebs:

      1. Thanks, you two! I'll check out these links.

        1. We enjoyed our trip to Chile and though it started as a wine trip because of my love of a robust Carmanere, it was the time we enjoyed in the Elqui Valley- and a little pisco sour that is most memorable. Make sure that you have made your accommodations before you leave. Chile is not a place where you can leisurely drive and hope to find accommodations when you feel that you have had enough for one day. Make sure you try the Elqui Valley- do some star gazing, find a good organic Carmanere to take with you- there are some wonderful small wineries. Lucky you.