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Sep 8, 2011 09:41 AM

Todi restaurants

Can anyone recommend a good place ofr lunch in Todi? Thanks.

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  1. The....Umbria, of course! Food is average but the view is incredible. Try to reserve a seat on the balcony. Plus, its in the center of town, just off the Piazza, so you can walk off lunch and see the sights.

    1. I wouldn't recommend The Umbria. No one who is from Todi goes there anymore. Which is sad. As wristband says, the view is incredible. But the prices are high for so so food.
      If you have a car, I would recommend La Mulinella, which is right outside of town. Incredible home made pasta and breads.
      I love Cibocchi, very rustic and also outside of town. This time of year they have excellent wild boar.
      In town I go to Pane e Vino, a small enoteca and restaurant.
      There are two new places in town:
      Antica Hosteria de la Valle: owned by the chef, John MIchael, who used to cook at a hotel nearby. Excellent food, and they also have a small outside terrace. Very small, so reserve: 075.894.4848
      Enoteca Oberdan: Tiny new place, on Via Ciufelli. An enoteca with several other dishes each day. I've heard it's great, but haven't been yet. It certainly is cute. And they have an outdoor terrace set up in the garden next door.
      Hope this helps!

      La Mulinella
      Loc. Pontenaia, 29 Todi PG, Todi, Umbria 06059, IT

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        Thanks so much! Lots to choose from.

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          Well, after a couple of days in Florence and a couple more in Rome (to be written up separately), we are in Umbria (Bosco) for a week. Last night, we remembered the above recommendation and went to Cibocchi, outside of Todi. Basically, we were the only ones who did and we had the place to ourselves until one other group came in at 9:30pm. At any rate, the place was just what we wanted, with the "grandmother"? yelling at everyone in the kitchen, the middle aged man (owner?) staring at soccer on TV, and them sending out rustic but exactly the type of food we wanted. A litre of house red, some sparkling water, excellent bruscetta? (1 with tomato, 1 with oil garlic and rosemary), plain pizza bread, mixed antipasto (proscuito, fresh pork with great crackling, cheese, etc), fettucini w/ragu, ravioli w/truffles, chicken cacchitori, pork chop (rabbit & boar were not available), espresso and affigado. Perfect. 56 euros total. They should open a place in Brooklyn.

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            So glad you had a great meal at Cibocchi. It's one of our favorites. The chicken is amazing!