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Sep 8, 2011 08:57 AM

Good sports bar for college football?

I'm looking for a good sports bar to watch college football, preferably near Columbia Heights or Chinatown (where gf lives). Ideally it'd have a good (great?) beer selection, decent wine selection (for gf - she's not too picky though) and good food. We're Cal fans, so I'd like to either find a Cal bar or else a bar that wouldn't be overrun with other alumni watching their game, so we wouldn't be relegated to a crappy TV.

Bars that she used to watch games at are: Irish Channel, Lost (or something) Whale, Solly's and McFadden's.

Our games tend to be 3pm or 6pm PT, so probably most of the East coast games would be over...

Irish Channel
500 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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  1. From what I understand Sign Of The Whale is DC's only Cal sports bar although the beer selection is nothing special and the food is ok but of course its just standard bar food. Its near Dupont Circle so youd have to jump on the red line and go 3 stops from China Town to get there. But if you REALLY want a Cal bar this far from Berkely, it might be at least worth checking out.

    You might also check out RFD and Old Dominion Brewhouse for places around China Town that serve good beer and usually have lots of games going on. ODB has big screens and sometimes takes requests if you ask. Food is nothing special at either but ODB does serve sushi inexplicably and the beer selection at RFD is one of the best in DC.

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      The Best Place to watch a college game that I have found is Penn Quater Sports Tavern. The food is decent the stafff is cool its always packed with college football fans. Most places many not show Cal vs Colorado since neither team is ranked and Penn State vs Alabama, VT, South Carolina, and several other ranked teams are playing @ 3:30. You can also try Old Dominion Brewhouse by the Convention Center or Buffalo Billiards

    2. Redline might be another place to check out. I haven't been there for college games this year, but they have a decent beer and wine selection and better-than-average food.

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        I have heard Redline is a good spot from friends who have been there for Sunday Pro games

        Also Public Bar in Dupont is not bad for early games that end before 10pm after that it turns in a club scene -also not bad for UFC fights

      2. Ended up at RFD which was alright (good beer), but they wouldn't put the Cal game on (in the corner where no one was watching) until the Iowa - Iowa St. game ended. That was annoying. I could see if there were actual people watching that game - there weren't, but c'mon.

        I've heard good things about Redline, so might check it out next weekend. Thanks.

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          Most places unless you are a regular are not going to change channels for an unranked game that just how it is on game day. Good Luck to you

        2. Check out Red Line in Chinatown or Old Dominion Brewhouse on 9th and M. Great tv's at both.