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Sep 8, 2011 08:49 AM

Wing Tour needs YOUR help! looking for wing spots (lower NY)

Hey everyone! Well our first wing tour came and went back in May and June and it was a ton of fun and a great success. This time around I'm turning to chowhound for some of the wing spots. You guys were great to us with all the comments and suggestions last tour.

so here is what we are looking for, 8-10 new locations not covered in the first tour. Must be within reasonable distance to the Hudson Valley, Westchester, or Southwestern Connecticut. Nothing in NYC.

I will be looking to get a little better press coverage this time around, if anyone has news or magazine or blog connections please email me

So let the comments and wing spot suggestions begin. I am looking to have the list completed by early october.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Darby O'Gills in Hyde Park and The Golden Rail Ale House in Newburgh are two of my favorites for good wings! Darby's has a few different flavors, while The Rail just has classic Buffalo. I also like the Hobnobbin' Pub in Poughkeepsie.

    2. contact liz johnson the food editor of the journal newspaper.

      1. In Lower Westchester you have to hit up Lazy Boy Saloon (White Plains), Piper's Kilt (Eastchester), Sherwoods (Larchmont) - I personally dislike them, but I'm also the goofball who dislikes the Candlelight's wings).

        In my area alone there are a few nice places.
        Piper's Kilt - small, but very tasty.
        The Quarry - A little tangy, but good.
        Stephen's Green - large, very juicy, but not all wing lovers like them like this.
        Mickey Spillane's - crisp and spicy
        Tap House - never had them, but heard they are very good.

        Piper's Kilt
        434 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709

        Mickey Spillane's
        431 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709

        The Tap House
        16 Depot Square, Tuckahoe, NY 10707

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          thanks jhopp, we already hit lazy boy and loved them but thanks for the other recommends, im really interested in the stephens green wings now!