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Sep 8, 2011 08:35 AM

Differences or similarities between Moustache, Rino, Le Philou

Going to be in Paris for 4 nights next month and trying to choose 2 more dinner choices. We have a reservation at Les Papilles and probably eating at Cafe Des Musees our first night (close to our rental apartment and loved the food last time we went). We would like to try some new places. Are Rino, Le Philou similar to Papilles and Des Musee? Would Moustache be the place that has a different twist to their food? Thanks for any feedback. Also interested in Frenchie's wine bar and if it is appropriate for dinner.

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  1. Had a really fun and excellent dinner at Rino in June. Tiny space, semi open kitchen, chalkboard only menu. Essentially your choice is whether to have the extra course or two. Pretty limited wine list but took owners suggestion and greatly enjoyed an '09 domaine prieure roch red burgundy that I've never seen before. Food was creative without being too silly, taste was spot on, great friendly vibe and service. Out of perhaps 16 or 18 people we only noted one other couple speaking English. Highly recommend. Have not been to the others so can't comment on a comparison.

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      Thanks, boshtx, Rino sounds great and we can walk from our apartment. Did you reserve in advance?

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        Yes, I called maybe a week or ten days prior. Have fun. (I reserved for 8 pm and we were first customers. By maybe 8:45-9:00 the restaurant was full).

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          Macdog if you want a cool super fun experience also consider hidden kitchen. Email them and ask if any openings or to go on their wait list for last minute cancellation. Tremendous fun evening, great meal, and you'll likely meet a group of interesting people ( I hate to use the played phrase foodies but yes, foodies). We had a total and complete blast at our dinner at HK in June.