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Sep 8, 2011 07:48 AM

Help Avoiding South Beach Diet "rut"

Thanks to less activity, age, and ouir love for all things tasty…. Both my husband and I are in need of some weight loss.

We renewed a gym membership and after looking at other “diet” options, I thought that South Beach Diet would be the most healthy way to lose weight and change the way we eat. I have friends (who are less food-centric) who say “oh, it’s the easiest diet ever to follow…)

Well, in theory, I guess it is. Super Charged – first two weeks you’re eating low-fat protein, most vegetables and reduced fat dairy (ugh… this requires me to buy milk at the grocery store again) no sugar (not as easy) no pasta (eternally hard for me) no white flour (check) no white rice (check) we eat a "whole food' diet for the most part anyway.

The biggest problem I see is, that it’d be far too easy for me to fall into a “rut” of throwing some chicken on the grill and steaming “whatever” vegetable and having that for dinner… because let’s face it, that’s probably the easiest way to go, if not the most unimaginative way to go... this will get eternally boring, very quickly!

Do any of my fellow CH’ers have any South Beach Diet friendly ideas for meals which are relatively easy to put together but super tasty and well, DIFFERENT?

(we love everything…so don’t hold back on ideas)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do you like and have access to good fish and seafood? I find that white fish and prawns are easy to jazz up with a massive variety of herbs and spices, so while your protein base is the same, you can change the flavours. Coriander, lime, chilli,parsley, garlic, lemon,paprika, thai basil, rosemary, homemade salsa, fennel seeds, use garam masala mix as a dry rub for fish. All these can be used on chicken as well. Try using greek yoghurt (0%) with some of the above as a marinade. Change cooking techniques for different textures as well - instead of the constant grilled chicken breast, try fish or chicken and vegetables en pappillote. Or pair your protein with salad greens instead of hot vegetables.

    1. We do Low Carb instead of SouthBeach, and find it to be easy to follow, forever.

      One of our favorites is Meatza, where the crust is gr turkey and some sausage, and the toppings are the usual suspects. Cook in a pan with sides, as the meat juice in the oven sets off smoke alarms!!

      Cauliflower is rice and mashed potatoes. Cook and put in food processor til rice sized, some then cook it in butter. Used in stuffed peppers, we couldn't tell an appreciable difference. For mashed potatoes, whizz it longer in processor and add butter, and maybe cream.
      These are the websites where we get our recipes and ideas:
      And all of these have links to other great Low Carb sites.
      We are so pleased, I have lost 20 lbs easily, not fast at age 67, our son has lost 40 with no effort, and DH has lost 20 also. And for us this way of eating is sustainable, not a diet, a permanent change in our lives.
      Good Luck, and happy eating.

      1. both excellent suggestions, thank you