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Sep 8, 2011 07:41 AM

Where to find Real Fresh Italian Buffalo Mozzerella

Just back from a trip in Italy.
Buffalo Mozzeralla that easily pulls apart with your hands that has an almost
stringy inside as you pull it apart. Fresh and tasty. Does anyone in the Toronto Area
actually import or make such a cheese that can be purchased fresh.

I live in North York are but will travel anywhere into the GTA to find the real thing.


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  1. The Cheese Boutique in Swansea. Call ahead though, it often sells out.

    Cheese Boutique
    45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

    1. I actually saw it at Costco the other day.

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      1. re: camp1980

        It may be Buffalo Mozzeralla but if it is in Costco it is likely not what the OP is looking for.

        1. re: JennaBean

          This is misleading, Jenna; they do sell imported Italian buffalo mozzarella in some locations such as Downsview.

          1. re: jayt90

            there's the "real thing" and then there's the REAL THING.

      2. try lady york grocery store. I am quite sure they have it though I have never bought it.

        1. I think what you are talking about is Burrata cheese. There is a place in the St. Lawrence Mrkt that offers it every other Wednesday, it's actually flown in from Italy.

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          1. re: katbri

            Actually Burrata is different from what the OP I think is talking about - though it is AWESOME and if you found a place that makes fresh mozza they may make burrata as well. I would get both!

            Burrata (if you've never had it) is essentially mozza "stuffed" with loose curd and cream. So it has a mozza texture outside with a much silkier/creamy inside.

            It is one of my favorite things to serve sprinkled with salt/pepper/olive oil and crusty bread.

          2. The International Cheese (Santa Lucia brand) factory outlet in the Junction carries buffalo mozza, fior di latte, and various other Italian cheeses. Their nodini also has a fantastic stringy texture, and it's probably the product I purchase most often. Keep in mind that the cheeses are from Ontario herds, so don't expect the same flavour profile as you found in Italy. It's "factory" as opposed to "artisanal" cheese, but the price and quality are pretty good.

            Burrata is a different product. They carry that too, stuffed with bocconcini shreds.