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Cleveland - dog friendly restaurants/bistros/bars?

I'll be spending the weekend of 9/30-10/2 in Cleveland in the downtown area and will have my friendly and well behaved albeit large dog with me. Are there any establishments that would perhaps have outside seating and would allow me to bring my dog for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat outside?

I'm not familiar with the area, and would appreciate any suggestions - I really want to explore the downtown area and don't want to leave him in the hotel room.

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  1. I'd be curious to know this. I'm not sure, outside of helper dogs, if that is even allowed in the state, but outside dining is certainly different than inside. I've never seen a non-helper dog inside any restaurant I've been to here, but I've never inquired about it, either.
    I have seen people bring in ferrets without a problem (and strictly for attention), but that was Dayton.

    1. I was looking for places with outside seating - I'm resigned to the fact that he won't be allowed inside - figured I'd hope for nice weather...

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        For your sake (and mine) I hope the wather does improve. These 30 degree-swings like we had over the holiday aren't pleasant.

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          I can't really offer any advice except that I hope the weather is good. I personally don't understand why they don't allow dogs in restaurants. They do in Europe. And in my opinion, most dogs are much better behaved than lots of children. From your username you must have a Newfie. They are gorgeous and sweet dispositioned dogs! Give your furchild a scratch between the ears from me.:-)

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            I'd take dogs over ill-behaved kids in a restaurant any day... Yes, Bubba is a gorgeous brown newfie who's often mistaken for a bear - "Furchild" is a new one on me and I love it - permission to use, please.

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              Customer allergy issues is the only legit reason I can think of.

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                had my berner in the entrance area of my restaurant for four years. many complaints. all complaints were because he was not there on a particular day and people missed seeing him. not a single complaint about his being there and that includes the health dept. health dept only said he couldn't be in the kitchen.

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                  Something about a dog on the premises just makes a business seem friendlier.

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                    If you like being around dogs. And aren't allergic to them.

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                      I do and I am not. Many others do not and are. Dining out should be a pleasurable experience for all. Ultimately, what's worse, leaving your dog at home or finding another venue; or having to deal with the severity of your allergy simply because you wanted an evening out?
                      I really hope things work out for you, newfie.

          2. The only place I'm aware of is Tremont Tap House but I believe that is only on Tuesdays when they host Yappy Hour to benefit a local rescue operation. You might want to give them a call to see if they allow dogs other dates/times.


            You might also want to try:


            Of course this assumes our weather cooperates and patios are still open!

            1. Melt used to allow them outside, I'm not sure if that's still the case. I know Edison's Pub in Tremont allows dogs. I'm a fan of Edison's pizza, and the beer selection is pretty good, too.

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                Thanks so much to all for the info. Melt is actually on my list of places to visit after having seen it on Man v. Food - those are some might fine looking grilled cheeses!

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                  i seriously doubt that furchild will have any problem with the cold weather. ;)

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                    Furchild prefers subzero temperatures, to be sure...

              2. You may want to try Felice on Larchmere in the Shaker Square area -- I've been there dining twice on the patio and others have had dogs with them. Not sure if this is policy or if these persons were friends of the owner, but both times the dogs were well-behaved. As for Felice, they have a great patio and a fairly inventive menu; a very neighborhood feel (the restaurant is in a converted area home)...have dined there a handful of times with zero complaints and good memories.

                12502 Larchmere Blvd
                Cleveland, OH 44120
                (216) 791-0918

                1. I think the main problem will be coming this late, there may not be many places with patios left open. I know it's only a couple of weeks from now but things here have been rainy and generally only getting up to low 60s for awhile, and it will be less than that in 2 weeks, so people will probably pack up the patio stuff pretty soon. And of those that are left with patios open, you'll have to inquire individually about who will tolerate dogs.

                  1. I've been reluctant to post because I didn't want to get any restaurants in trouble. It's illegal and patios aren't any different. See this article in the Plain Dealer:

                    However, the article also says that the Health Department acts only on complaints and the Health director can't remember a single complaint that ever amounted to anything. So, it appears that the law is dead for all practical purposes.

                    Anyway, the article also mentions a few dog friendly establishments and points towards resources for finding others. It may be worth reading.

                    The Mutt Hutt has a list of pet friendly local establishments. I attached a photo.

                    The Flying Fig and Bar Cento are two of the best restaurants in the city. At Bar Cento, try the sunnyside pizza and the meat board. At the Flying Fig, try the duck confit.

                    Flying Fig
                    2523 Market Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

                    Bar Cento
                    1948 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

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                      Thank you so much! I keep forgetting that the weather is a bit volatile, if that's the right word, on the shores of Lake Erie... I guess the last weekend in September is more autumnlike in Cleveland than here in Jersey...;

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                        It can be. It can also be in the low 80's and sunny.

                    2. not in the downtown area (about a 20 minute drive from downtown), but The Wine Bar in Rocky River has a Sunday dog friendly brunch on their patio. Here's a link