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Sep 8, 2011 04:29 AM

Goldsboro Dinner Recs Please...

I'm taking a few reps out for dinner next Tuesday night in the Goldsboro area. I've been to Goldsboro many times, although not much recently, and I generally find myself dining at the same old places like The Outback, or Logans, or something of that nature. What we're looking for is somewhere to have dinner and a few beers/cocktails, a steakhouse or Italian restaurant, or really whatever, just something at least decent...I don't know what the best options are, perhaps Outback and Logan's are it, but I thought I would seek the advice of some fellow chowhounds before making my decision.

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  1. Los Fogones has gotten some good remarks on here; I haven't been, but it's apparently a Peruvian parillada/pollo a la brasa place.

    Personally, I always go to La Cuata in Dudley when I'm in the area, but it's small and I don't know if they have alcohol, so it may not meet your requirements. Food is superb, though. Stick to the specials board if it's out; even if it isn't, ask about specials. Soups and stews are where it's at here.

    You might consider going to Chef and the Farmer in Kinston. IIRC Kinston is 20-30 minutes away.

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      We'll look at that as an it worth the drive, or just stick with chains in Goldsboro?

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        It's definitely worth a 20-30 minute drive, especially if the alternative is Logan's or Outback; two of the more dire chains, in my opinion. Cocktails are good there, too.

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            Chef and the Farmer is definitely worth the trip! If you go on a weekend and want an earlier meal I'd make reservations!

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              Yea, I looked at the menu for Chef and Farmer, and I just didn't think it would work for the group I had last night, so I took us "down under" to the Outback for a hopefully forgettable meal.

              Chef and Farmer is now on my radar though, and at some point I will give it a shot. Looks like an attempt at some serious eats based on their menu options.

    2. I would suggest Torrero's. It is a mexican restaurant that serves good food in large portions and they have alcohol. I personally have never went but I have heard great things about Village Steak House and Pub from my Co Workers. Just some ideas since you seem tired of the Chain places.

      Village Steak House
      5662 U.S. 70, Goldsboro, NC 27534

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        Thanks for recs...we'll keep them in mind.